Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Inspiration Fix - Blondie

Fashion can get inspired by people from eras that have passed us by.

Just look at Micheal Jackson and all those MJ inspired jackets on the web with military details

That is a very well known fashion inspiration this year.

Here is another inspiration I found out and it is from Blondie.

Who is Blondie?

Here are some well known hits performed by the band Blondie.


The Tide is High sorry I cannot embed the video as embedding has been disabled :(

anyways I have embedded my favorite Blondie song, Call me!

In fact I loved the bright blue color that the lead singer, Debbie Harry wore in the video and her make up that I went right out and bought a similar shade of eye shadow and I am going to come up with a make up look inspired by the Call Me video!

So excited!

Here are some pictures that show how fashion has taken inspiration from Debbie Harry lead singer of Blondie.

Stars of today spotting her look:

Well that's all excuse me while I go enjoy Blondie's Call Me video. Its addictive.

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