Monday, September 07, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel: Keeping things simple

I watched Coco Avant Chanel recently otherwise known as Coco Chanel.

She was a visionary of her time. A woman who opted for simplicity rather than the ostentatious and "fashionable" way of dressing in those times.

Below is an example of what fashionable women in France wore during Chanel's time.

Chanel was perhaps much considered not "in" the know of fashion as she chose to wear man's shirts and trousers and she stayed away from corsets.

taken from here

Corsets were a much important asset in any fashionable woman's wardrobe as it gave a woman shape, unfortunately it also meant women would have difficulty in breathing and have great restrictions in movement.

This was due to the fact that dresses could weigh up to 15 - 20 pounds which when converted to kilograms weighs from 7kg to 9kg. Imagine that amount of weight hanging off your body inclusive of your current body weight! If you wore a dress like that you would weigh about 10kg more than your original weight!

No wonder Chanel did not like to wear dresses such as these. She went in the opposite direction keeping things simple and uncluttered and most importantly practical.

Compared to those frilly, heavy dresses Chanel's style was as close to our times as it gets.

Chanel in classic black off set with ornate jewellery.

I noticed her style was to offset her jewellery with neutrals or monochromatic tones.

taken from here

Chanel showed that you can be stylish and elegant but not necessarily following trends and what is "in". Instead she went the opposite direction.

I look at the modern times and find girls obsessed with following trends and looks in magazines. So much so they look pretty much the same.

They wear only what everyone else is wearing be it, skinny pants or floral prints in vintage fashion.

They may look very well put together but is it original?

Sadly no. I can find pretty much the same style of dressing in slight variations of color all over Orchard Road.

Being an individual in terms of dressing sense has pretty much become extinct.

I think more so.

Now I find that the trend is to wear dresses that have a top and a skirt sewn together so it looks like you are wearing two piece but actually you are only wearing a one piece dress.

Nothing wrong with this as it is very convenient no need to match a top to a skirt or a skirt to a top anymore because both come together.

taken from forever21

What I cannot but wonder is when girls pair this already uniform look with more uniformity.

Next time when you are wearing any clothes that are currently in the trend think about different ways to wear that look.

Maybe you could pile on the jewellery, pair it with neon eye shadow in a gorgeous rich emerald, wear stockings, put ribbons in your hair and add glitter where ever you think your body needs it.

And most importantly have fun in dressing up :)

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