Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fashion inspiration - The Charm Beneath

I have been watching a Chinese serial lately and it follows the ups and downs of the Zhu family who owns a cosmetic shop. I will not delve into the story line as it is a long and tedious one instead I would like to focus on the fashions within the show.

English interpretation is The Charm Beneath

The female leads in the Zhu family are immaculate and always dressed in their best clothes even when they are doing the most mundane things such as pruning plants in the garden or taking a stroll to a dessert stall in the street.

Their faces are pale and flawless, lips in varying shades of berry tones, a hint of pink on the cheeks and eye shadow colors that match their qi paos (traditional Chinese dress).

Accoutrements include jeweled hair pins which decorate their curled hair and elaborate brooches pined to coats and shawls interlined with silvery threads that sit on sloping shoulders.

typical outfits worn at home.

Taken from virtuesofharmony who also did a blog post on one of the villains in the show. Yes I know its hard to believe but that beautiful woman above is a murderess.

Working clothes worn on the set at the cosmetic shop.

credits for images to baike, virtuesofharmony, news.99wed, faxingba and

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