Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sugar Plum Fairy Inspired Christmas Look

This particular look took a lot of time to edit in part due to time limitations the original version was like 15 minutes long and Youtube would not accept it so I had to edit out some footage of how I applied glue to my fake lashes, my thoughts on my new bronzer from The Body Shop and an introduction on my new pink brush, Goat from Sasa! I KNOW, Goat brush but seriously that was what it said on the packaging!

Anyway I might be putting all those stuff in a separate clip and uploading it for the future. I actually wanted to just call this make up video shimmery christmas but after putting in my music and watching it again I changed my mind and decided to rename it Sugar Plum Fairy inspired, it fits doesn't it? The shimmery tones and the purple color is exactly what I can imagine any sugar plum fairy adding to her magical appeal! I suppose this would be a case of music inspiring the make up look!

I know you will enjoy my first make up look for Christmas or any other fun festive occasion you would love to attend in style!

Have a wonderful weekend!

UPDATED with some pictures that I took after doing the make up look :)

Crystal Earrings are from Valerie in Vivo City
Black satin bow hair band from Montip at Compass Point

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