Monday, November 30, 2009

How to add bright eye colors for everyday

Sometimes we are afraid to step out of our comfort zone by using bright bright eye colors.

But yet, when we see a certain hue on the shelf at the store we want to purchase it. Sometimes we do and than we fret on how on earth are we going to use these brilliant colors? Come explore the fun wild world of colors with me and how we can introduce these gorgeous shades into our everyday life!

so bright its illegal!

First up if I have a very vibrant make up look in mind that I want to wear out to some daily activity like for example to go shopping on a weekend. I would consider what I am going to be wearing which is the outfit below.

I know if you compare this above look to my other outfit pictures it is really really simple. But for my case it works because I am going to be wearing a purple eye shadow look with bright turquoise.

To get this look view my video here

This is definitely an eye make up look which is more on the wild side (for me anyway). I have matched the purple tones of the eyes to my outfit and also kicked up the look a notch by adding in the turquoise for an unexpected twist.

This is my trick to tackling unusual colors for an eye make up look. First I think about what I am going to wear than I think about what are the colors I want to use for my eyes and how much time I have to apply my make up.

If you are pressed for time stick to two colors. Pair your brilliant hue (insert crazy color you got impulsively) with brown/black/grey. Any neutral tone color that you would not think twice about applying to your lids because its comfortable and you are so used to wearing it.

For my case my comfort colors are brown or purple.

So when you have picked the colors you want to toss onto your eye lids. Test them out on your hand and see how the shades look like side by side. When you are satisfied, stop and wonder where am I going to apply these shades?

Section your lids into half. Apply the crazy shade you bought impulsively into one half of your eye lids and the other comfort color on the other half. Blend the middle portion with a brush and voila you have got your first make up look with that crazy crazy color.

Next up decide if you want to frame the look and enhance it with black eye liner or white eye liner or whatever rocks your boat. If you are feeling adventurous go all out and pick a matching color eyeliner if not just stick with black liquid liner for the top and line the waterline with white to open up your eyes further.

Final touch is to add in your blush and lip color/gloss. For my look in the video I picked a neutral gloss in Peach and for the blush a light pink shade and we are ready to hit the streets in style :)

For more ideas you can see how I used the turquoise shade in:

this look where I added it into the inner corners of the eyes and in this look where I used it as the main shade for my eyes.

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