Thursday, November 12, 2009

BB cream vs. foundation

BB cream has been raved about, talked about endlessly!

I did not see what the hype was all about until I saw even places that usually do not stock Korean imported stuff (in my opinion anyway) like John Little start having BB creams too. I was like what is this? and squeezed some to test on a finger, sniff at it suspiciously and WHAM! I was converted it smelled of flowers!

I am a big fan of perfumes and scent to me is very important from the first sniff I was SOLD! Okay that does not make a very intellectual point of view so now I will state a comparison I made based on my experience in using BB cream and liquid foundation.

The reason why I use BB cream instead of the usual foundations apart from the fact that my first BB cream smelled freaking beautiful better than any liquid foundation I used before is because I find it difficult to find liquid foundations with high SPF.

Some recommended liquid foundations such as the much raved about Revlon Color stay foundation only has 15 SPF in addition most liquid foundations have a very fluid texture which makes it less messy to apply with sponges or brushes rather than finger tips.

BB cream on the other hand tends to be very thick and more creamy rather than liquid. Most BB creams are also made of botanical ingredients hence it has more healing properties than liquid foundations. The Welcos BB cream for example has Lotus Blossom extract in it others such as Skinfood BB cream has mushroom extracts.

Liquid foundation is not generally touted as having any healing properties while BB cream provides healing properties to sooth tired skin and provides good coverage as well.

Having said that BB cream is still considered a make up product so however tempted one feels to leave it on and sleep with the cream applied to the face it is advisable to wash it off with a make up remover. Textures and consistencies of the BB cream will vary so if you want thicker coverage pick a BB cream with a thick and creamy consistency if you want something more light for lighter coverage pick a more liquid texture.

Just keep testing varieties of BB cream and you will be sure to find the right one for yourself :)

Good luck!

For Welcos product information click here to purchase your own BB cream you can visit ebay or an online shop. If you are in Singapore you can purchase from Jowa at Novena Square. For other types of BB cream you can visit Sasa, Watsons, John Little for your BB cream fix. Alternatively you may join sprees for places to purchase the BB cream of your choice.

I have done up a video on how I apply my Welcos BB cream paired with concealer you may click on the image above to watch the video :) Please be prepared to see my NO MAKE UP face!!!

Here are other sites which provide BB creams:

The Face Shop , Shills (Taiwanese brand), Missha , Etude House, Skin79 and Hanskin.

Have a great week ahead and stay tune for my Christmas shimmery make up look coming soon.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the video. it realli helps me a lot cos i realise the bb cream doesnt cover up my dark circles and was realli sianz abt it =))

Grace Ng said...

Hello thank you for your comment :) I am glad my video helped you :)