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Myths and legands of cosmetics BUSTED!

There are all kinds of myths and legends about cosmetics. Take for example that claim that lipsticks contained lead which could cause cancer.

According to ABC news article there is no cause for concern as the level of lead found in the lipsticks are too low to cause any serious harm.

I will attempt to address a few more myths and legends to do with cosmetics particularly in the field of skincare.

#1 Myth: Can you trust the SPF levels written on sunscreens?

Here are some well known brands that have not been giving the SPF protection that was stated on the label. You would be surprised.

Check this out

#2 Myth: As long as I follow a skincare regime strictly, I can still go and party and have late nights. I will still have great looking skin. Right?

I am sorry party babes I wish I could say YES to this but dermatologist state that 80% of the skin is made up of the dermal layer, which sits below the surface of your skin.

In other words the most important step to care for your skin is to treat it internally, through proper nutrition, taking supplements and having enough sleep. That means leaving the party earlier to get fab skin! And to risk sounding like your mom yes, cut back on those drinks too.

Remember no matter how much cash you spend on your skin only 20% of these external treatments will go towards a healthier complexion.

sources: Vogue, Carefair

#3 Myth: I have dry skin the best way to keep it hydrated is to wash my face with water frequently.

Well, the answer no. Splashing water repeatedly on your face can cause your face to lose its natural essential oils, yes your skin produces essential oils too. So with less of this oils you will be making your skin even more dry.

Steer clear of harsh cleansers too basically those that make your skin feel real squeaky clean and tight this is a sign that the cleanser you use is way to strong for you. And that squeaky clean feeling you feel is how skin feels when its been stripped of essential oils, go for mild cleansers instead with botanical extracts like grape seed that have antioxidant properties.

It is best to invest in a good moisturizer that will help to retain hydration in the skin for longer. Give yourself time to find the correct moisturizer for your skin, the thicker the moisturizer the more hydration it will give your skin. For optimum results apply moisturizer after a shower as it will help your skin to retain the moisture for longer.

sources: skincarenet

#4 Myth: I have oily skin hence I should stay clear of moisturizers as it will make my skin worse.

Well you may be surprised to hear that experts say the opposite. While the nature of your skin makes it easier to retain moisture however it will not replace moisture that you lose throughout the day. Basically oil and moisture are two different things.

You can use a moisturizer that is light and not too heavy additional bonus if it has SPF and oil controlling properties. Look out for ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) in your products. These will help you retain moisture in your skin and reduce production of sebum thus giving your skin better oil control.

However as not everyone has the exact same type of oily skin this advice will be able to help people with milder levels for oily skin types. For more severe cases topical applications of Retin A can help reduce oil production in the skin.

For people who want a more drastic approach laser treatments may be considered. It is important to consult a dermatologist to assess your skin condition before embarking on any such drastic measures.

sources: webmd

#5 Legand: Vampires have beautiful skin because they drink blood too bad it will not work for normal humans.

Haha surprisingly injecting one's own blood plus vitamins and amino acids are just the ticket to getting vampire-esque beautiful skin :) According to Dr David Sister it stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry, wizened, wrinkled and lacklustre skin look and feel younger naturally, without the need for synthetic fillers or harsh and painful lasers or peels.

Sounds good click on the sources link to read more!

sources: dailymail

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