Thursday, November 12, 2009

What to wear for Christmas

It is really early but never too early to plan on what to wear for Christmas or any other formal festive occasion you would love to attend :)

I present to you these sets lovingly crafted with a different woman in mind for each look. Hope it will inspire you on what to wear for this upcoming festive occasion or any other party, cocktail event you would love to attend in style.

The Classic Woman who Loves Bling!

classic look

Christmas is a time to pile on the bling and be adventurous with it. Particularly if you are not crazy on buying a one off party dress for the occasion you can invest in an elegant piece that can take you through any occasion.

The dress featured has a detail on the empire waist to brighten up the black. You can kick up the look a notch with killer heels and quirky accessories. Oh and a nice black clutch to hold all your essentials like lipstick for touch ups would be the finishing touch.

The Mermaid who likes to Party!

what to wear for christmas

You are a daring fashionista and you seriously believe that parties are the best times to amp up your look and be a head turner with brilliant color and vivacious character. This is the look inspired by you for you. A gorgeous M shaped embellished bustier top and a soft flowing chiffon skirt makes this dress an attention grabber.

You secretly think that you are that mermaid who has been transformed into a girl for one night. Carried upon sea waves and encased in jewels from forgotten treasures sunken within the sea she picks up brilliant red shoes molded out of coral and walks towards the party.

The Woman who Likes to make a Statement

statement piece
You are not to be confused with the mermaid who likes to party! Rather than have a head to toe ensemble that trumpets your arrival. You want your outfit to make a statement of who you are. You seldom follow trends and you like pieces that are as unique and special as you make them out to be.

You picked this multi colored dress off the rack at the store and decided you must own it because you think that this swirls of colors must be what travelling through different dimensions must feel like.


This was so fun! Stay tune for my upcoming Shimmery Christmas Make up Look!!!

I hope my blogpost has inspired you to try out new things this Christmas season and for all other fun, cocktail popping, martini drinking events you have been invited to or better yet I hope you are inspired to accept that invitation you have been putting off because you don't know what to wear! For more product information on each of the looks just click on the pictures and check them out :)

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