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I wish to bleach my hair

Updated with more information on 28.3.11
How to bleach your hair with Beauteen Hoyu Gold Brown

Hair dying History (You may skip if you just want to know how to bleach):
Okay so far these 4 years I have dyed my hair using Loreal Excellence Creme Canyon Red hair dye and Garnier also red from 100 range cannot remember exact shade. However the effects just were not all that obvious for my liking I wanted a really strong vivid color so I decided to do my hair at a salon.

In March 2009, I had my hair bleached and dyed at Hair Illusions in Ang Mo Kio. I had the impression that they used Loreal Professionals line.

The job they did was one of the most obvious changes in my hair color I ever experienced as it was the first time I did my hair at a salon with bleach. It was a turning point in my life as I can have red flaming hair at my graduation ceremony :)

In June 2009, I had my hair roots touched up at Jean Yip Hair Salon, Sembawang Shopping Centre. Horrendous experience with some Malaysian lovesick hair stylist who tried to hit on me?! in between showing photos to my mom and me of "his" car, his ex-girl friend and puppy ?_? and also encouraging us to buy more Jean Yip hair products and services -__-" I will pull an anti Justin Bieber move and forever say never to this crazy lovesick hairstylist.

In February 2010, I did some research on diy hair salons and found one near my place. The hair salon auntie trimmed my fringe and back of hair and dyed my hair a dark shade. In addition she shampooed my hair three times to deep condition it and gave me a scalp and shoulder massage. You can see the finished effect here.

From February 2010 till present I have dyed my hair using Pink Biege also from Hoyu .

To compare both salon and diy I am happy with the results of salon done hair but still being such a control freak and finding it hard to force myself to stay inside a salon for three hours I continue to give diy hair dye companies business by using their products :)


Now I proceed with the tutorial. Using Beauteen Hoyu Gold Brown.

I have used this line of hair dye many times before so I have standard list of items that I always must have before proceeding to dye my hair.
Care Bear check!
Black Shirt check! (incase hair dye discolors clothing)

Okay I am kidding about the care bear. But isn't it cuteee?

Pre-treatment check list:
1) Towel you don't really use
2) Shirt you don't really like preferably black
3) Clip you don't mind getting stained
4) More clips
5) Cold Cream (I use Ponds with a green cap)
6) Shower Cap
Plan roughly where you want to dye your hair. For my case I want to dye the whole head.

Section hair using clips. Ideally we should be wearing the black T-shirt for this but I am too lazy to change into the black t-shirt.
Wrap towel around shoulders and secure with clip.

Apply the cold cream to where ever you think hair dye will come into contact with.

This is to prevent the hair dye from staining the skin.

I apply it to around ears.
I apply it to my hair line.

Okay now we are ready! Open up that box!
Inside the box we have:
Bleach Powder
Bleach Treatment
Plastic GlovesIMPORTANT For First Timers: Read instructions on how to prepare the mixture etc and do patch tests for allergic reactions.

Now we prepare the bleach. Put on the plastic gloves.
First we mix the Bleach with the bleach powder.

Shake well (follow instructions closely on how long and how many times must shake).

Attach the comb nozzle.
Start right away. The holes between the comb will help even out the application of product.

Comb the knozzle bottle downwards through hair.

Do the same for the hair line as well starting at the roots and bringing the bottle downwards.

There after I use my hands to spread the product evenly through the hair just incase the comb knozzle was not able to get all the hairs.

Once you are satisfied that all hairs are completely covered in hair dye put on your hair cap.
Than leave for 30 mins to an hour depending on how bright you want color to be. Once again check instructions to be sure.
Now we are ready to rinse out all the hair dye! Apply a generous dose of conditioner to ensure your hair does not completely dry out.
When hair is dry this is most interesting part as we have no idea how it is going to turn out.

It is more red than blonde but I like it.

Give diy hair dye a try you may enjoy it just as much as I have.


Disclaimer: Please read all instructions on hair dye product before starting the process. This instructions in the blog are a general guide and it works for me. In the event due to unforeseen circumstances the hair dye product used created an undesirable result I shall not be held responsible. When in doubt always consult the hair product manufacturer directly.

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