Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Outfit photos #9 Grey drapes and acid wash UPDATE

Say hello to my new hair! HAHA just kidding I got a wig to kick my make up tutorials up a notch in 2010!

Back to my own hair :) You will see more of my new wig in later pictures :)

sorry for the lack of smiles in these pictures I had a slight issue that day and than my camera battery had to go completely flat :(
I was not completely happy with my first batch of pictures sans wig and my lack of smiles so I wore the similar outfit on a separate day and tried out the new wig.

Grey flowing top - Cotton On
Acid Wash Tights - Cotton On
Inner top Old Navy/black lace tube - KL, Malaysia

My eye make up in the pictures with wig is from 88 coastal scents palette (original) I love these so so so much! I am going to kick off the next make up tutorial with a sunset inspired look, think warm eyes paired with red lips. Stay tune :)

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