Friday, February 05, 2010

Romantic Sunset eyes


Took the video off as I have done a improved version as part of my REWIND series.

Update Ooops I was so so tired after trying to sort out how to put up the screen shot for the youtube video that I completely forgot about the music!!! So I uploaded a second version this time with music. My bad.

Taken from here

I have been really into the whole idea of bouncing warm and cool colors together to create a look.

I know it has been done before this sunset imaginary but I wanted to do my version of it and play around with contrast of cool and warm tones.

I have tried using pink as opposed to purple but because I was already wearing so much pink while doing this tutorial I thought it was pink overkill and went with purple instead.

That picture above was basically what I had in my mind the whole time I was experimenting with this look.

I will be doing another sun inspired look another time this time I will be focusing on sunRISE.

Yes you heard me right and I will be mixing it in with the Chinese New Year theme because CNY is coming really soon! So excited!

Romantic sunset eyes look can be for valentine, really sweet and simple look to do. Minimal fuss you can of course add shimmer to it with glitter dust or fake lashes to make it more sexy or a stronger lip color.

It is all up to you! So have fun with it and Love you all lots! Spread the Love people!

p/s: if you have any questions about my outfit in the video you may want to check here

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