Sunday, February 28, 2010

Youtube videos I like

I have been viewing an increasing number of youtube videos particularly involving make up. Why? because they make me so inspired and it is fun to watch!

I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite videos right here in a blog post :)

Here goes!

Arabic make up for eyes is incredibly beautiful collection of made up eyes :)

Queen of Hearts make over! Done by bubbly and over the top Kandee! She has a great personality and a great voice!

Red lips and strong brows trend by Pixiwoo. She uses mainly Mac products and keeps things professional and perfect in her videos. Her Beauty Icons looks are also worth looking at :)

Rainbow eyes from Kylie Minogue MTV
done by panacea81. Fabulous!

Marie Antionette make over! So pretty :)

Blue smokey eyes an alternative to usual black and grey tones.

A Dorothy of Oz inspired make up look :) cute and has a vintage feel which I love!

Go forth and enjoy the videos!

Love you all lots :)

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