Thursday, March 04, 2010

Aspiring Model, ME!

I am blogging a whole lot more often lately. I just wanted to let you all know that I have decided to sign up for Cozy Cot aspiring models event!

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And they have replied and asked me to go down for the shortlisting round.

There are two dates today and tomorrow I will try and make it for today if possible.

Cozy Cot is a forum that is real popular in Singapore as they send out great deals and opportunities via email to all members! If you do not live in Singapore you can still benefit from the site as it is chockful of information from how to pose like a model to women's self defence! What's not to like?

You can sign up here if have not already signed up ;) Have fun and have a beautiful life ;)

Ohhh and wish me luck on my shortlisting round as I am a real newbie to modeling psst I don't even have a proper portfolio yeeks! What I do HAVE is an obsession with fashion and beauty related things I can spend hours staring at fashion magazines analyzing trend reports and model's poses. When America's Next Top Model comes on TV THAT IT'S the house could come down in flames and I would not have a clue. HAHA that's how mad I can be :)


emma said...

Hi! can i know where is the short listing session taking place in singapore? thanks!

Grace Ng said...

Hello if you are interested you may want to register for the event first. There after cozycot will email you the details.

You can register by clicking on the pictures in the blog post :)