Saturday, March 13, 2010

IT SHOW 2010 & The Body Shop Warehouse haul

I went to the IT Show on Thursday and got some of these deals :)
Cable organizer in pink. I also got an Itouch case in metallic pink and a Wacom Intuos4 Tablet. Happy Happy :) I shall be able to illustrate stuff again :)

I also went to the Body Shop Warehouse Sale and saw Spa Wisdom: the Moroccan range! I had to get them! They smell so nice and make me feel like a million bucks after using the bath oil and the scrub one after the other makes skin feel soft and supple.

On a separate note.

I saw people on forums grumbling about pushing and bad manners at the warehouse sale. Well, girls and guys who do not like that sort of treatment at ALL please do not go to warehouse sales in the future because you WILL be shoved, you WILL be pushed and you WILL be treated with a certain amount of barbarism. It's a sale for freaking sake with products that have been slashed by $20 or more off original price! What do you expect my dears?

Just stand your ground and wait for someone to give up and walk away than put an elbow up on both sides to block the women out on either sides and move in. Be fast and think Xena warrior princess, Xena warrior princess repeatedly. You are no longer Chua Aileen, Administration officer staying at Chua Chu Kang, you are Xena Xenaaaa! Once you think that way I tell you you should not have an issue if people treat you rough. Besides when all else fails just stick a hand in and grab and grab (make sure you grab PRODUCTS not body parts) put it in the plastic sack provided and than do sorting in a corner later.

Tips To Not Become A Complete Babarian At A Warehouse Sale

*Always be nice whenever possible if you are at the front and someone behind asks you to pass them an item so they can take a look at it DO IT don't ignore them that is just plain rude.

*Rules on pushing. If no one is pushing you than for God's sake don't push anyone. But if people are pushing you to get in than push back but don't push until the person fall down like that it would be seriously no class okay it happened to me before someone pushed me and I almost fell.

*Don't give up that strategic location for anyone once you are at the front of the counter be efficient and decide quickly do not hog space if necessary there are other people wanting to get to the front.

*Please remember to be polite to the sales staff they are human too and kudos to them for working at a warehouse sale with so many women fighting to get to the products and having to remain cool and hand out sample swatches and such.

Keep that in mind so as you remain a warrior PRINCESS not pond scum.
Eyeliners in silver and gold I am really happy to buy these as they are from previous seasons and are no longer on products list from thebodyshop website.

How it looks on my eye. The gold liner I used to wing out my eyes at the corners and the silver on the waterline. It looks white in pictures.
Finally I got these separately on another day from Watsons. Loves it :)

That's all have a great day ahead!

Additional Information: For floor plan of IT SHOW 2010 click here and here. Have a blast and wear comfortable shoes!

Disclaimer: No offense to Chua Aileens staying at CCK I simply thought up the name at random and location as well. It is the same way authors put their characters in Siberia or New York. It just happens.

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