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My make up collection

I have done up a video of my make up collection you can view part 1 and part 2 here.

Here is my blog post to accompany these videos and some additional reviews I have on some products not mentioned in my video :) Enjoy :)

e.l.f Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara
I read some makeupalley reviews and I found that this product seemed to get pretty decent reviews a search on Youtube also gave positive reviews. So in the end I bought it and I have to say I am happy with it. One end allows you to set the hairs on your brows so it is not all over the place and another end allows you to set the curl of your eye lashes.

I use mainly the eyebrow gel side and yes it does it's job. If you have thick brows like mine you will need at least 2 to 3 coats to tame the hairs. You can also use it on its own or after applying brow pencil.

Dejavu Fiberwig mascara
I bought it because it was on sale and came with an eyeliner pencil as well. The mascara has fibers on it and coats each lash so it appears longer and more defined. I like the product but I will definitely change mascaras once I am done with this. In order to apply a good coat you have to blot the mascara and be extremely careful when applying it or risk having clumpy and messy lashes. I have used mascaras which were less trouble.

If you can master blotting the mascara wand and applying it evenly to lashes than this mascara will work for you.

Maybelline Unstoppable Mascara - Very Black
My second time using this mascara I got this one free when I purchased two boxes of freshkon contact lens during promotion period. Easy to use with a small wand, it is compact and fuss free application to lashes. If you have larger eyes like me you may have to tilt the mascara wand to fit into inner and outer lash line so that you can coat all the lashes evenly. Gives a natural look to your eyes.

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Melon

Pleasant smell, nice packaging provides moisture to lips and brilliant color with shine. What's not to like?

LA Splash matte lipstick in Babydoll

The color is really pretty however moisturize and moisturize your lips before applying as any crack or peeling or any flaw on your lips will be revealed by this lipstick. It is really drying so it is important to coat lips with a balm before application.

Revlon matte lipstick in Very Red
Gorgeous red color, decent staying power and easy to apply. Can apply a coat of gloss over this if you like shine on your lips :) For a matte lipstick its not too drying and gives overall lips good coverage. It does not reveal cracking on lips or peeling and that's good :)

The Body Shop Hi-shine Treatment gloss in Juicy Peach
Wonderful scent, decent packaging, high shine gloss and natural color to lips. The gloss just slides over lips like liquid gold. What's not to like?

The Body Shop Hi-shine Treatment gloss in Party Pink
Glittery and has a pink tint to it. If you want more ommph in your look this lip gloss is for you. Not too over the top but ensures you are not the wall flower at the party either.

The Face Shop Fruits Jell Tube in PP401
Nice scent and pretty packaging. The gloss has glitter in it and provides red tinted lips with glossy shine. However it tends to get rather sticky on the lips. Other than that I have nothing bad to say about this one.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Cherry Lip Butter

Keeps lips moisturized and gives a red tint to lips although its transparent. I think it is something to do with having cherry inside. The scent needs getting used to if you hate dark chocolate and the smell of cherries this is NOT the lip butter for you. So if possible sniff it before purchasing once you fall in love with the scent all goes well for you.

The Body Shop ~ Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Again the scent! It smells like chocolate for heaven's sake! Moisturizing and long lasting. My savior when lips get chapped beyond belief. I have used all kinds of lip balm although Palmers is a cheaper alternative to this I still swear by Cocoa Butter as THE lip balm for girls with seriously dry lips.

Kawakib eye brow / eye liner pencil in Black
Decent eye pencil although it smudges when applied as an eye liner but for lining brows it does it's job well and costs really little too around $2. No complaints about it.

Rhomlon white crayon
Use it as a primer or to line lower and upper lash lines. Spread it on brow bone to highlight the area and in inner corners of eyes to open up the eyes further. I recommend more for highlighting than for lining as it cracks a little when applied as liner. But overall it does its job well. Whatever brand you get everyone should have a white crayon. It is super super useful.

Rhomlon Dipliner in Black
My first liquid liner and there is always first time jitters when girls first start using this. But once you get past the fear of screwing up you will get well defined eyes :) This product could be improved with a better applicator (maybe a narrower tip for more precise application) you need to get the applicator super coated with liquid liner to get a real nice solid thick liner on your lids.

Primer is a MUST as this product will smudge if you want to be gung ho and go without a primer. Other than that for less than $10 this product is value for money and I would recommend it for newbies to liquid liner who do not want to break the bank on a product they are not sure about mastering the art of. Rest be assured once you master the art you can only go forwards.

SASA gel eye liner in Deep Purple
Everyone should have a gel eye liner. SERIOUSLY. This product is for people who want control. You want to be able to make the line as thick or as thin as you want. You want to control if it looks like solid brush strokes or penciled in lines.

You need a steady hand or at least good technique when wielding the brush to apply the gel liner. Rest your wrist on the side of your chin or cheek to get a steady grip than go right in and apply ;)

p/s if you did not master your liquid liner skills and are the impatient sort just skip it all and go for gel eye liners. They are wayyy easier to master in my opinion :)

e.l.f cream shadow in Butter Pecan
Good to use as a base but I do not use this on its own if I can help it. The color is not as strong or pigmented as I would like it to be. Use a brush or your fingers for application. I prefer a brush as I don't like to get it all messy on my fingers.

e.l.f brightening eye shadow in Pretty n Pink
The white and pink and purple are good in my opinion. I really like the pink shade but the light pink one is just awful. Maybe it is my skin tone but that color just did not show up on my eye lids at all.

Silky girl eye shadow in Ying and Yang

Matte white and black. Use the black to fill brows, the white can be used as a base or to open eyes further when applied to brow bone and inner tear ducts. You can use this powder to line eyes as well with an angled brush.

And of course you can use these colors to do a smokey eye look throw in a brilliant color like turquoise or emerald green to keep your look interesting :)

VOV celebrity glam make up palette
It has all the colors you need for a party look, sexy siren look, interview look or just hanging out with your friends.

Just pick and match the colors according to your mood before I got coastal scents I was basically using this like everyday. When picking out a good palette make sure you have matte and shimmery colors in there so you can tone down a shimmery look with matte or make a matte look more interesting with shimmer.

A good palette should also have earth tones like shades of brown and also a crazy color or two like example: bright purple or blue just to spice up your looks and keep it from looking too boring.

Revlon matte eyeshadow in Venetian Blue
Good coverage I can layer it as thick as I want for intensity or for a muted effect I can tone it down as well. Nothing bad to say about this product.

Marjoca Marjolica eyeshadow in GR162
Slight shimmer in it more minty pale shade of green than pictured. It was my first green eye shadow I bought and I was lucky to get a good one on my first try. It is pigmented and offers an intense color to spice up any make up look.

The Face Shop ~ The flower Dual Concealer in NB23
Good concealer. Features liquid and cream concealer. Does a good job of covering minor to moderately bad blemishes. Requires two to three times repeated application over troubled spot to give a decent coverage.

If you want a more heavy concealer that can vanish troubled spots with one application you may want to get a more heavy duty concealer as this one is mainly for moderately bad blemishes like small pimples or broken capillaries.

WELCOS - No make up Face Blemish Balm SPF 30 whitening

Heavy duty foundation and provides good coverage as well. I sometimes use it to conceal blemishes in addition to using my faceshop concealer and it works well. Use it with breaks in between as too much heavy make up on the face for a long period of time can result in clogged pores and break outs. Use this and rotate with a powder foundation to prevent break outs.

One more thing when using this a little goes a long way too much at one go can make your face look like something out of a Geisha movie. NOT attractive. So go easy on this girls. Remember a little goes a long way. By a little I mean like a pea sized amount.

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves Bronzer 02
Good product like what I said in my video :) Nothing bad to say about this. You can use these for eyes as well and a little on lips for shimmer and bronzed look.

e.l.f bronzer in Luminance

Bronzed face with a glow. Good product and value for money.

Daiso Loose Powder
Does not come with a puff. Use a face powder brush or puff to apply over foundation to set it or over sunscreen and moisturizer for a natural look.

Silky Girl Shimmer Duo blusher in Blushing Pink
Wonderful blusher. Wish there was more in the compact. Please use your own blusher brush when using this as the one provided is really just for touch ups and nothing else. Brush provided does not cover full cheek for even distribution over whole cheek bone and it is hard to grip when applying it to face.

Apart from the brush provided this blusher does its job well and I find the colors appealing.

Ellanto glitter blusher in 04
Shimmery pink and sweet blusher. Gives fair skinned girls that touch of innocence and youthful glow. Love it but not for girls who hate shine on their cheeks as this one can give cheeks a slight metallic look.

Mini Bourjois 06
Bronze and shimmery blush in a creamy texture. Gives cheeks a natural bronzed look with a nice rosy shimmer. I like that it fits into my purse and bag as well. You can apply it to eyes and lips for a touch of shine. Great product to bring for traveling.

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