Friday, March 12, 2010

Ponds Cold Cream Review

Here is my Ponds Cold Cream Review. I mean if I keep talking about how to APPLY make up I should include something about taking OFF the make up too.

A tip for using the ponds cold cream to remove any left over eye make up residue would be to dab a pea sized amount of the cream onto a moistened piece of cotton wool. Rub it gently on the eye lids and lashes moving in between the lashes to get to the lash line. This should get all the dirt off, repeat process until all the dirt is cleared from the lashes and eye lids use a fresh cotton wool if you have to.

There after rinse off all the residue from the cold cream with a mild cleanser. I use Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser from The Body Shop. The Sales Person recommended this to me as she said it was suited for my skin type. I find it really gentle on my combination skin and does not give it a tight uncomfortable feeling. It gives me a cooling sensation and keeps my skin feeling refreshed. Skin feels clean, soft and comfortable :)

The Ponds Cold Cream is an affordable and cost effective method for me. Even Vogue recommends it.

What is your method of removing make up?

On a side note I went to the IT SHOW yesterday and also hit the Body Shop Warehouse sale for some retail therapy. I hauled back a couple of stuff and did a video of it. Will post it up soon.

Take care and have great weekend ahead!

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