Monday, March 08, 2010


Okay so I went for that Aspiring Modeling shortlisting round and it was kind of cool. I did not expect much but I stumbled into a whole area of Singapore that I did not even dream existed plus I almost got run over by a car. My fault, partly because I was doing one of those jump before you look things.

There were like three lanes and cars coming from all three lanes. I could see the first two lanes but the third lane was blocked by a gianomous lorry. Logically you should wait for the lorry to past and than be able to see all three lanes and than cross.

I was impatient and feeling and brave stupid so I crossed. The first two lanes I passed by safe enough and than the third lane came. A white car came down the lane and horned like mad I got across to the other side and the white car zipped past me. I could imagine the driver screaming expletives at me.

Strangely enough my next thought was how on Earth do I get to this modeling place? So I continued on my journey.

I think I was that calm because somewhere in my head I know my time is not up yet so here I am in one piece. Thank God. Still blogging ;)

I did a Ponds review and rough howto video but have yet to post it up. I have been held up by some other stuff on other non-virtual reality related aspects of my life.

So I will definitely get around to posting it up this week.

How has your past week been? Better than my I hope. No near death experiences.


Anonymous said...

hello there! could u tell more about your interview with cozycot? :)

ccbeautyy said...

Heys it was not really an interview more like an introduction of yourself. First thing we did was to fill up a form with our particulars such as measurements of hips, waist, bust size. Than take photos both close up and full body shot and finally a video about ourselves and why we want to be an aspiring model :)