Monday, April 12, 2010

Post-it® How you use it Competition!

Ever since I can remember I have been a fan of Post-it® Notes. I am a forgetful person so writing on Post-it® Notes which could be stuck everywhere in brilliant colors and within my eye sight where I can SEE was a bonus!

In conjunction with Post-it® Brand 30th Anniversary there will be the launch of the newest range of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes !!!

Makes the whole experience of using Post-it® Brand products all the more fun!

I bought the pack with apple shapes!

Here are some random Post-it® Brand Fun Facts I dug up and wrote on Post-it® Super Sticky Notes .

Okay I know my handwriting is not the BEST so if you want to reduce eye strain you may click here to read the facts and more!

Moving on some of the ways Post-it® Super Sticky Notes can be used!

As a cute way to replace hair clips!

How about as an earring!

On both sides LOL

When you do not know if red color tattoo would look good on your arm. Stick a red Post-it® Super Sticky Note on your arm!

Lastly when you want to shut people up!

Why am I blogging so much about how to use Post-it® Super Sticky Notes?!

Well, to celebrate the newest range of Post-it® Super Sticky Notes the Post-it® Brand is organizing the Post-it® "How You Use It" Online Competition! And you can join it too!

Some of the fabulous prizes include ahem, the Apple Ipad and gaming consoles!

You can join by registering here

Sounds great right?

I am joining as well.

My submission was originally going to be a video but because of time constraints (psst...I am going overseas tomorrow morning and may not be back in time for competition deadline!)

So I am submitting the photograph below instead.

Okay :) I also have another bonus to tell you! ANOTHER chance of winning MORE PRIZES!

You have got to be kidding me? You sound like a marketing person?

I kid you not readers! I am not even paid to type any of this I am simply doing this to let YOU know of the opportunity to WIN and get your hands of some fantastic products FOR FREE.

The second contest is really simple organized by the good people of Nuffnang in conjunction with Post-it® Brand.

To join the competition you simply have to register with Nuffnang as a blogger (if you have not already registered) click here to sign up.

After you sign up here is what you need to do:
1) Mention about Post-it® “How You Use It” contest on your blog
2) Post your Post-it® “How You Use It” contest entry on your blog
3) Send your blog permalink to
4) That’s it! You instantly win a Post-it® Hamper(worth $20)!

Click here for more information :)

Simple isn't it? So two contests for you to join! Get your creative juices pumping!

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