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Looking for BB cream &

For the past couple of months I have been wanting to get a BB cream with lighter to medium coverage. A more liquid-like texture and with spf. Since my Welcos BB cream was not finished yet and I had my Maybelline mineral foundation to rely on so I put off my hunt for my next BB cream.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Mathieu owner of he asked me if I could help get the word out on his website by simply mentioning it on my blog. I was kind of skeptical at first since I have never done this for anyone before and I did not know what to expect but I decided to check out his website first before deciding.

I was pleasantly surprised I was not bombarded by crazy flash images and advertisements and pop ups. Everything was simply and discreetly arranged.

This made the website super easy to use. All the navigation buttons were placed prominently on top of the screen and most of all it had everything I wanted to know about BB cream!!! From reviews, a store to purchase them and better still, free giveaways!

So I replied back agreeing to mention his website on my blog. I also asked him if he had any recommendations or any samples for BB creams which had good spf and liquid-like texture since I was looking for one anyways why not ask from someone who runs their own BB cream website?

I expected an email stating some names of BB creams and that's it. But no, Mathieu actually agreed to send me some samples. I was over the moon!

Anyways I received the samples yesterday and was surprised that there were so many packets and bottles inside the box.

Most of the BB creams are from Hanskin and Missha.

So here are my reviews with pictures and words as promised in my Youtube Video :)

First up we have M Perfect Cover BB cream from Missha

It has a creamy, liquid-like texture. Provides medium coverage and the scent is almost non-existent very natural feel after application.
However its darker than the other BB creams tested thorough blending in of product is a MUST to ensure even coverage that matches the skin tone.

According to the packet:
SPF 42 and the shade tested was No. 23.
Anti-aging properties.
Whitening effect.

Super magic BB cream from Hanskin Premium

It is a lighter shade than M Perfect when it was squeezed out of the packet it resembled melting creamy chocolate ice cream.
Smells like wine to me but extremely mild scent does not explode in your face upon application you have to really smell it to catch the scent. I asked a friend what she thought it smelt like and she said latex. So I suppose it depends on the individual.

Personally since the scent is so mild what it smells like should not matter.

Magical thing about it is that it gets lighter as you blend it. It has a really soft smooth texture like spreading melted butter on your skin minus the oil and greasiness. It may feel a tad bit sticky as you spread it but once it is properly blended into skin it leaves a smooth texture and gives medium coverage.

According to the packet:
Made from natural products. Gentle on skin.
Whitening effect
Prevents Wrinkles

Glossy Magic BB cream from Hanskin

Of all the BB creams I like this one the best because I like fragrance in my products. It was what drew me to BB cream in the first place so scent is something I am BIG about.
One thing I noticed about Hanskin BB cream that I have tested this round is that it is very mild in terms of fragrance there is faint to almost no fragrance in their products. You have to really sniff to smell it it does not straightaway hit you in the nose the moment you open the pack of BB cream.

Glossy smells of delicate rose petals/rose water. Very princess sort of scent :) Loves it. Texture is creamy, smooth like cashmere and looks like crushed pearls in liquid form.

Provides luminous glow to skin upon application and leaves a delicate scent all over.


According to the packet:
Made from natural products. Gentle on skin.
Whitening effect
Anti-Wrinkling effect

Magic BB from Hanskin Natural Science

This was my least favorite because I did not like the scent at all. But in terms of performance it does not lose out to the other BB cream competitors it blends in easily and provides medium to light coverage depending on how much BB cream you apply.
Does not leave the skin greasy just smooth and dry. That's all I can say about it.

According to the packet:
Made from plant based extracts
Developed by natural skin care laboratory.

Okay that's all for my review on BB creams from Missha and Hanskin.

For more reviews and more variety of BB creams check out Remember to leave your own reviews.
Simply do a search of your BB cream and leave a review! I have left my own simply double click image above to view!

Have a fantastic day! Dream BIG!

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