Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mini Haul Earrings, False Lashes and eco brushes

FOTD you can see that my fake lashes are really long and dramatic. In my video you cannot really see how long it is but I guess the pictures do it justice.

It is coming loose slightly I need to get better false lash glue I have one in mind that sells for like 9.90$ at Watsons but have been procrastinating on purchasing it because I am just not sure...
I highlighted my nose bridge and added dark shade of powder to the sides of my nose just to contour it and make it more defined.

Okay, moving on to the pictures for the mini haul.
So I went shopping this week and got some stuff.

Ang Mo Kio Hub
was having a sale in the basement level so I got three earrings and three false eye lashes for like $10.


Considering the cheapest price I can find for false lashes in Singapore is around $2.

Other items I got were eco tools brushes one angled brush and a foundation brush I bought them from a drugstore in Singapore called Watsons.

Both were made of bamboo and recyclable aluminum so it was eco friendly and good for the environment.

It is the lightest type of brushes I ever had the pleasure of using I think the bamboo handle plays a big part in this. You can check out their website here for more information.

I find that using the foundation brush to apply make up speeds things up considerably and it makes it feel like I am painting a canvas when I use the brush except the "art piece" is my face. LOL.

Another thing I just realized is that once you start picking up the brush it is like hard to put down. It is like I will keep finding excuses to use the brushes. I love them that much. *hugs eco tool brushes*

Anyways if you have not watched my video yet it is down below stay tune for my Tips on Wrong Foundation Choice & Guide to Choosing Foundation coming soon. Like now? Click here to watch it

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