Friday, May 21, 2010

Tips on Wrong Foundation Choice & Guide to Choosing Foundation

Sorry if I tend to ramble a lot in my foundation tips video.

If you are unable to catch all that I said in the video I hope this blog post will help out some what.

Tips on what to do if you got the wrong shade of powder foundation
If it is too dark for your skin tone you could use it to contour your cheeks, eyes or nose.

From the picture shown the dark shade is used on areas where light casts shadows on the face. Simply sweep the dark shade along these areas slowly building up the color until you are satisfied with the effect. It should look fairly natural when done right but creates a subtle illusion of slimmer and more defined features.

Alternatively you could use the dark shade of foundation powder as a bronzer sweeping it across the cheek bones and along the hair line to give it a naturally tanned look.

For foundation powder that is too light you can use it to highlight the high points of your face or for contouring as shown in the above picture.

You could even use the shades as a eye shadow color for a natural look.

Tips on what to do if you got the wrong shade of Liquid foundation

This can be tricky so it is best to get it right when you first swatch the foundation but if you got the wrong shade its okay here are some ideas on what you can use it for.

For shades that are too dark you could use it as a cream eye shadow but make sure you test it at home first to make sure it does not cake or crease in the eye lid area.

Another idea is to try and lighten the foundation but be careful when doing this always do a skin allergy test by putting some on the inside of your wrist and leaving it there for at least 48 hours. If there is no adverse reactions than it should be safe however if there are please consult a doctor immediately.

A method to lighten the foundation would be to put some foundation in a bowl and mix some powder with it like baby powder or mild lotion like the olay active hydrating cream for sensitive skin. Do a swatch near natural lighting and see if it blends well into your skin and matches your skin tone.

Once you are satisfied perform a skin allergy test as stated above.

The last tip which I think is the best for liquid foundations that are wrong for you would be to swap them online with another beauty junkie. You can try cozy cot or flowerpod (Singapore based websites) to see if anyone is willing to swap foundations with you. For viewers from international regions like US you could check out Make Up Alley for swaps.

How to prevent getting the wrong shade of foundation
This for me is fairly straight forward. Swatch a sample on the inside of your wrist NOT on the outside of your wrist. This is because your skin on the outside of your wrist is darker than the inside of your wrist.

Second tip is to watch out for the lighting. Go to an area where light is more natural and check your swatch to ensure you got it right. This is because lighting in shops tend to be harsh and it washes out the colors making it appear lighter.

After performing all the checks and still feel in doubt ask a friend you trust or a nice sales lady to advise you on which swatch best matches your skin tone it will help a lot if you show them the swatches you have made on your wrist as it will give them a better idea of how the foundation will sit on your skin.

That's about it. Good luck in finding the right foundation and making use of the foundations you may have chosen by mistake.


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