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China Tour 2010 PART ONE

So sorry for lack of updates I have been overseas in China here are a whole bunch of photos I want to share with you.

So come with me! I take you from Singapore Airport to a hotel next to a military base (the military need some recreational activity too ahem), a super extravagant huge temple (its China what do you expect?), a 900 year old school (don't quote me but its a really old school), the largest bowl of soup in the world (again don't quote me but its the grandmother of all soup bowls) and...and...and... Okay enough already just scroll down and open your eyes big coz there are many many photos (I took like 1000+++) so stay tune for a huge bumper series of travel photo blog post! I have chosen my favorites of the bunch. ENJOY!

Day 1

Waiting for the flight people to open the gate. I am wearing a black dress over black leggings and a leather jacket. Pretty minimal make up I will be doing a short video on my travel essentials :)

Our gate was B2 but I was nearer to B3 so I just took the shot anyway :)

Another self-shot

After that I went on board the aeroplane and took lots of time off to watch movies like the Lightning Thief which turned out to be okay and I was glad I did not fork out the money to watch the movie as it was okay but not LOTR fantastic.

In Shanghai, China! So many Chinese words on the sign boards!

We take a super fast speed train.

I was standing near the door way of the train when it started to run again and by the time my mom took the photo the doorway was beyond the frame!

Up next we headed for the hotel which took a super long journey by bus and I was really tired by the time we got there it was night time so the next day bright and early I took photos of the hotel.

It is next to a military base! On the left. Its a communist military base as you can see there is a red star on the front. The hotel is also called red star.

Flower at the breakfast table.

Our next place to sight see was a park with a beautiful love story. It involves a General and his wife, Xi Shi. Xi Shi is one of the four classical beauties of China. You can read more about her here.

Our tour of the Lihu Lake Park after that we head to a tea pottery place which did not allow any photo taking boo and than on to a temple, the grandest I have ever seen!

It is so huge!

Jaw droppingly grand.

Out side we get to see Buddha take a bath be born.

Some real high building which played a part in Communist history which I have not much interest in honestly. But the view from the top is great!

Lots of similar looking houses. Supposedly built for the people to stay for free. I was told this I was too busy snapping photos to listen to everything the tour guide was saying. My bad.

My mom and the lion.

Lunch! A huge gianomous bowl of soup!



Day 2/3
Nanjing Bridge! Built by many many many China men painstakingly. They had no modern technologies and spent hours in the water building the foundations of the bridge through the heat of summer and the frigid waters of winter. 1000s died to build this bridge. Why? Because the Russians and a whole bunch of other foreigners told them they could not do it. Chinese just love proving people wrong.


War memorial for people who died during the Japanese invasion. Our tour guide did not try to hide her contempt for the Japanese she said that they were perverts. I was to learn soon enough that mainland China ladies are a straight forward bunch.

Outfit of the day! I wore leggings in black and a long flowy tunic dress thing.
My shoes are Converse. Sunglasses are from Cotton On and PG Mall bag is bought online. Black Canon camera bag slung across my other shoulder.

A picture of a typical pit stop. One of many many we ended up at when it was time for a break to stretch our legs.

Fast Forward we land on the streets of Tunxi just walking and taking in the sights. I see our King of Fruits can you spot it? Hint: Green and spiky. Smells real strong.

Dinner anyone?

Chinese Candy store! LOL

Boxes and boxes of small candies. But somehow I like my boxes pink :)

Short stop to take lights on water bridge scenery.

Whee! Light SHOW!

Day 4
We are in Hong Cun Village where they filmed a scene in Croaching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Typical shop in the village. Really old and antique looking. But they serve coke! I guess you have move on with the times.

This is an old school desk students used to sit at and be tortured learn.

I forgot my books but I have nice painted nails! -_-"

We walk out and move around the place. This is where they filmed the movie mentioned earlier.

We land in the home of the wealthiest man in Hong Cun Village. This is where he used to sit.

Haha I am totally playing the part of the rich patriarch!

Empty corridor used to house bustling servants moving back and forth to service their masters. I bet they never saw the day when their home would become a tourist attraction.

Look at the intricate detail on the wall! The Chinese word in the green diamond means prosperity.

Those hooks used to house cages where pet birds would sit and sing to their owners. Now a robin sits on the hook sans cage. You can see the bird nest (its that dubious brown thing stuck to the last ceiling post)

Mahjong Table

Lanterns with cobwebs stuck to them. The upper balcony is where the unwed ladies of the house would use to stay. They would look down onto the street from the balcony and see if there were any hot guys worth making into husbands.

Washing clothes old school style.

Here is a sneak peek on my part two post in this China Tour series!
That is Huangshan!

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