Sunday, June 13, 2010

May 2010 Travel Essentials ~ Make up

My travel essentials are really simple for me. To watch the video click the image above :)

This below used to be my skincare regime.

I used to apply like 5 layers of skincare products on my face in this astonishing order:

Gel Lotion
Milky Lotion
Serum (for night)
Sunscreen (for day)
Foundation (liquid/powder)
Loose Powder (for setting the make up)

Whew! Than I would move onto doing my eye make up! Can you imagine having to bring that amount of make up and skincare products on board a trip where you need to change hotels like everyday! *faints*

So anyway since this regimental skin care routine had to end sometime. I decided to make a drastic change and only get products that I really really need. Namely a moisturizer and sunscreen. I started my switch sometime in May as I was going to go overseas in end May.

I decided to give Hazeline Snow a shot since I have been using old school products like Ponds Cold Cream I thought of trying another classic. I am surprised that it works rather well feels really like how I would imagine snow would feel without the froze bite. In China (where I went on holiday) with the dryer air I found the moisturizer dried up on the skin and felt nice and matte to the touch really fast. In Singapore with more humidity it takes sometime before drying up to the skin I have to keep blending it in.

Since I have less than perfect skin with broken capillaries and blemishes I also had to add in a good concealer. I have been using Za Perfector Concealer or Concealer Perfector (whatever) in shade no.2 for about three weeks and have to say I am really happy with it. I was inspired by this video done by mzxs83 I was impressed at how fast the acne was covered by this concealer.

My experience testing the product at Watsons repeatedly (yes I am a perfectionist when it comes to buying make ups I cannot stand purchasing a disappointing product) the texture felt nice and super easy to blend in. The fact that it dries out into a powdery finish is good too as it means my eye make up will not get smudged on it. I find that concealers that do not dry out completely but feels rather sticky after you applied it to the undereye area this will tend to catch any eyeshadows when you blink and smudge the eyes :(

So yup its the dry kind of concealer once you have let it set into your skin so if you have really dry skin you would need some kind of moisturizing eye creams applied as a base before topping it with the Za concealer to prevent it from drying out your skin too much. I cannot recommend any eye creams as I never used any before so you could do some research and ask around to find good recommendations. I may try eye creams in the future just for fun as I do not really have anything I need to firm or tone when it comes to my under eye area.

Moving on other additional things I used after my concealer was the blusher in a warm peach color to counteract the paleness of the skin. To further counteract the paleness I used Estee Lauder Lipstick in Melon.

Filling up the eye brows is also important if you want a more youthful appearance as it will frame the face and it takes only seconds.

Lastly applying mascara to open up your eyes further is always a plus. You can use a eyelash curler if you prefer for me I was simply too lazy to add an eyelash curler to my already exploding luggage.

Finally top it all off with highlighter and if time permits you may even crack open your gel liner and apply some winged tips to your eyes to give it that "lifting" effect. This are both optional if you really are pressed for time.

Have a wonderful trip! Wake up to fresh face natural make up! Ohhh incase you were wondering my contact lens is by Maxi Eyes in Blue bought from Spectacle Hut.

Much Love,


YiShuen said...

Your make up technique was so amazing. May i know which brand u used of your highlighter?

ccbeautyy said...

Hello YiShuen Thanks for your comment my highlighter is from one of those online blogshops with no brand. I forgot the link I got it from but this should help its the shimmering eyeliner in white.