Friday, June 18, 2010

Outfit photos #11 - Blue Navy Bf Shirt

My outfit for 16 June, Wednesday featuring the navy blue bf shirt which is kind of too big for me but I love it nevertheless.

Navy Blue bf Shirt - $10 from Bugis Street
Black Leggings with some lace detail - $10 from Cotton On ( I LOVE their leggings)
Black shorts (worn over leggings) - $5 from Cotton On

Make up:
Venetian Blue - Revlon Matte Eyeshadow
Peach Blush - Everbilena from Daiso
Babydoll - LA Splash matte lipstick
Nude lip gloss - The Body Shop Hi-Shine Treatment Gloss

I tend to forget the prices for my cosmetics but remember my clothing pricing fairly well. A fair estimate of how much the above cosmetics cost would be somewhere around $2 (for the Daiso blush) and $20 for everything else. I think the blue eye shadow and the lip stuff cost more than my navy blue bf shirt -_- And the whole total cost of my entire face make ups cost more than my whole outfit combined minus the shoes. I think I wore black gladiators with these.

Anyways have a great day and love you all lots! Mwah!


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