Sunday, August 22, 2010

Outfit photos #15 - Polka Dot Flutter Sleeve Dress

A vintage inspired look pairing a polka dot dress with neon colored sandals for a slight twist. These pictures were taken by sf (a friend of mine) while on the way to visit the Pinnacle.

The outfit photos end with a picture taken from the rooftop garden and the Pinnacle. It was a very pleasant day indeed.

The make up look is kept simple with matt colors. I had to touch up the colors with photoshop as the flash used in the camera totally washed out my make up so you could not see what colors I used. However if I did not use the flash all you would see would be a low quality photograph as my camera does not capture images well in low light conditions with no flash.
Outfit Details:
Polka Dot Dress - Far East Plaza
Brown Bag - Pgmall bought from Shopping Paradize
Tortoise shell sunglasses - Cotton On
Marmalade shoes - New Look, Somerset 131

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