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Public Notice - Advertorials Terms & Conditions

Advertorials terms and conditions

Please read all these carefully. All interested parties must adhere to these terms and conditions.

I will only choose to take on clients with products I believe are quality and that I think would interest my readers.

I will not take a product to be quality based on face value so do not email me photos and long emails telling me how fantastic your product is and expect me to straight away do an advertorial. SHOW ME how fantastic your product is and how good your service is.

Cosmetic Products - skin care/ bodycare
If your product is a cosmetic or any form of skin care or body care product please kindly mail me samples so that I may test the product and if it is good I shall do an advertorial for it.

Fashion Items - clothes, shoes, accessories etc
If it is fashion items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc I shall need to see the quality of the product with my own two eyes. This means we have to meet up when both parties can agree on a good time and date.

If you wish to sponsor me the items I would be more than happy to accommodate you. Simply email me at and we shall chat there.

No Sponsorships
If you do NOT wish to sponsor me kindly arrange for a meet up so I may view your fashion items. If I do wish to purchase your fashion items I would appreciate that you give me a discount as a gesture of good will. I am after all going to do an advertorial for you and helping you generate more publicity. You do not expect me to do it absolutely for free with no cost whatsoever do you?

In Relation To All Advertorials
Please note that I am under no obligation to continue doing the advertorial if I find your quality of products poor or the customer service is bad. I only recommend items of quality and companies that provides good customer service. It is a responsibility I have to my readers and viewers. I would hate to have them cheated due to any negligence on my part.

After negotiation and both parties are satisfied we can commence on doing the advertorial itself. I do advertorials in Youtube video form and via blogging with edited photographs.

The reason for this is that the Youtube video can be accessed 24/7 even by people who have never heard or visited my blog before. In addition I do my best to update Youtube at least three times a week with a video and comments thus generating more viewers to visit my blog. Each video I upload will contain links to invite viewers to visit my blog for more details relating to video material.

Video Taking Devices
I make my videos using two formats by my web camera view in my Macbook pro and by using my Samsung NV9. You, the client will have more say over which format I use if you give me more incentives. Remember cost = effort.

It takes more effort to film using my Samsung NV9 as I need to use a tripod to ensure greater control over where my camera lens is facing and how the footage is captured. To top it all of I have to connect the Samsung NV9 to my laptop to transfer the footage so I can edit it on my laptop. Since the Samsung NV9 picks up better quality it also means the video footage will be larger in size hence take longer to upload onto the internet.

If I use my web camera? Need I say more? All I need to do is just shoot my footage, edit it, upload it.

Did I mention technical difficulties sometimes you shoot videos you end up having your battery drained completely and you need to recharge the battery or if God forbid your laptop crashes. The longer time needed to do filming and editing the higher the probability of all these inconveniences happening which in turn waste time and time equates money. Once again to all potential clients who want me to do ALOT of work and at absolutely no cost please think about it.

Choosing Video Taking Device
Ultimately if you provide me more incentives such as sponsor me items, give good discounts etc. I shall let you decide on which video taking device to use. Do note that which ever format of video taking device I choose to use at my own discretion I will ensure that viewers can see the product I am talking about and that they can hear what I am talking about. Basically whichever format I use the viewer will still understand the basic meaning of the video.

Now about blogging. I will put in whatever details that was not included in the video but are still relevant such as for example shipping details. These are important as people can sometimes miss a point touched on in a video but when it is typed down it is harder for a point to be missed as a quick scroll of a mouse wheel would bring you back to that point you missed.

Blogging itself entails its own intricacies. I am my own editor. So I have to write in a concise clear way so that most humans can read and understand me. In addition I have to take photos and edit them and arrange them in the most flattering manner. All these can take up to 2 to 3 hours depending on the material I am writing about to the number of photos taken for the blog post.

Time Taken
Depending on the product format chosen to do advertorial video and number of photos and text to do up the blogpost and administrative issues. It can take up to 1 week to 4 weeks. Do note that I am holding a full time job and maintaining my lifestyle/beauty website advertorial services is mainly for my own pleasure as a form of a hobby.

Do I have to pay you?
As I said I am running this is for my pleasure so I do not ask for cash. How you pay me is entirely up to you as said earlier you can give me a discount for the items I am keen on purchasing or simply sponsor me. You could even send me samples in generous portions as a form of payment :)

Disclaimer: Terms and Conditions are subject to change at blog owner's discretion. No notification will be given should terms and conditions be changed. All parties involved shall be bound by these terms and conditions. All terms and conditions are active as of 3rd Sept 2010.


Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions feel free to email me:

Have a Good Day!

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