Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Body Shop September Hauls

I have done up a video on youtube. Part One and Part Two of my Body Shop Hauls in September.

I got some of these items from my visit to the Warehouse Sale at Suntec on 4th September. While the rest I got them at normal stores at retail price.
I have raved about my Moroccon Spa Wisdom Range here so naturally being such a huge fan of that range I simply HAD to stock up at the warehouse sale! I have also gone to The Green Sanctuary a super secret place for The Body Shop members to retreat to and enjoy.

It is so secret that even the website does not say much about it. So I shall just help you out by telling you that they have two branches in the whole of Singapore. Hitachi Towers (don't know where that is) and Paragon at the basement level. It is housed within the The Body Shop itself so it is like you go into the shop to buy your skincare stuff than discover that there is this door that leads into a spa area. AMAZING? For some of the treats you can treat yourself to you check this out.
Moving on I tried out the newest spa range which would be featuring The Japanese Spa Wisdom range of products in all its glory. At first I was like kind of apprehensive since I have never ever gone for a spa before and I had never used this Japanese Spa Wisdom product before. I had seen it on the shelves in The Body Shop store but thought it looked rather dubious since the scrub looked like soap powder and the cleansing gel had weird brown bits in it. But the Spa Specialist said it was like the newest and latest spa treatment. So I decided to give it a try since I really have like nothing to lose right? right?

After I got settled on the table thing which is actually like a heated bed but it looks like a table with a soft mattress on top. The Spa Specialist than came inside and whisked me into 7th heaven. I tell you I am not even joking the massage is like feeling the waters rippling against your body and the smell of that Japanese Spa Wisdom range is like intoxication. I wanted to literally eat that smell.

If God gave me a choice to decide what to smell like I would choose to smell like the Japanese Wisdom Spa range from The Body Shop. It shall be my natural scent and I shall smell like it always. I was so in love with it that I straightaway went to buy the whole Japanese Wisdom Spa range.

Although I cannot replicate that water rippling massage the Spa Specialist gave me I can still smell the way I did when I went for the spa treatment. Wonderful! To top off this already obscenely blissful scheme of events I was also entitled to getting free African Spa Wisdom Body Butters because I was a fabulously loyal Body Shop member :)

In fact my Spa Treatment at The Green Sanctuary was also an indulgence extended to me with generous discounts off the usual price because of mine loyalty to The Body Shop.

Okay enough of the glorious ramblings of my spa wisdom experiences I shall now tell you what other things I bought. I got a new skincare routine to try out in form of the Seaweed Deep Cleansing Skincare range in a convenient travel pack.

Okay that dubious dark green bottle that strikingly looks so out of place is NOT from the Seaweed Deep Cleansing range it is actually Tea Tree Oil. Why it has decided to join the others in this photo is perhaps due to its extrovert nature. Tea Tree Oil does not like to be alone.

The Seaweed Deep Cleansing range includes a cleanser, toner, night treatment and day treatment. I apply my night treatment and day treatment pretty religiously but I tend to use my Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser and skip on the toner completely.

I was very faithful during the first week of buying this travel pack and enjoyed the whole experience since this Seaweed Deep Cleansing skin care range has a nice refreshing smell and leaves skin feeling perky and awake. However it is hard for me to stick to too rigid a routine for too long so I changed it up a little bit.

Tea Tree Oil was raved about to be really good for pimples and blemishes however I find it quite hard to use due to the cap and general cumbersome shape of it. I am used to blemish creams that comes in a tube for easy application hence I really cannot review this product properly as I simply have not used it long enough.

My product of preference that I currently use to combat pimples would be my Himalaya Herbals ANP Cream it takes quite a long time to work partly because it is an ayurvedic product with no salicylic acid but I like that it hardens up after applying it over my blemishes. This way when I go to sleep after putting it on I do not have to worry about it getting smeared all over the place.

I got two Aloe Deodorants which are pretty good and you can throw them in your bag without worrying that it will break as some glass deodorants like Nivea may be apt to do so.

I got this before September it is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Puree Body Lotion but I put it here as a comparison against the body butter from the same Japanese Cherry Blossom range.

I find the puree body lotion is much more creamier and cool. It is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving little to no residue behind. The body butter counterpart however leaves slightly greasy feel and it is much oilier compared to the puree body lotion. However both have an equally sweet smell. I prefer the puree body lotion partly because it is easier to apply with the pump and because it is quickly absorbed into my skin.

So far I have mainly been getting skincare or body care products from The Body Shop this September. I did get one cosmetic item which is the eyeshadow and blush palette.
It comes in a velveteen box with a magnetic clasp to seal the powders in and protect the mirror within.
The photos speak for themselves. The eyeshadows are mainly shimmers and pigmentation is decent however some skill is needed in blending them in properly so you will not look like a raccoon after application. My favorite of the bunch would be the blush color which is just too pretty to say no to.

Have a Gorgeous weekend!

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