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Kimana Clothing Reviews


Kimana means butterfly. The name originates from Native America.

But there is nothing native about the clothing and shoes Kimana sells.

Kimana is a company selling high end luxury clothing and shoes imported exclusively from Korea. The best part? You do not have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for luxurious quality.

The fabrics are amazing and feels super luxe and comfortable when worn.

I shall show you some pieces I purchased and Kimana has kindly lent to me for reviewing purposes.

If you have not watched the Youtube Review Video you can click here to watch it.

Advant Garde White Shirt

Gorgeous thick white material which is not sheer at all. The collar is broad and flattering, it opens up to reveal a deep V neck which cuts down.

The white shirt is secured with three transparent buttons perfect for people who do not like the hassle of buttoning too many buttons. This is an all too common problem most people have when getting shirts.

You can choose to put on a waist belt or leave it as it is. It looks great both ways.

My favorite part of the shirt is the bottom with its uneven cut. Somehow I am reminded of flower petals draping down to accentuate my hips.
I love this shirt so much! The one pictured here is a size L.

To get your hands on this item click here.

*Please note all accessories in this blogpost unless otherwise stated belong to me and are used for styling purposes to enhance the photoshoot.*

White Goddess Dress

This dress is soft and silky to the touch. There are two layers, the overlay on the front is chiffon and the layer beneath is a thick satin material. When you slip inside the dress it feels like you are wrapped up in a cloud. LOL can you see my cloud aura? Very Goddess-like effect right?

Anyway apart from giving you a wrapped-in-a-cloud aura and making you feel like a Goddess. It is slightly cinched up at the waist so you may need to wiggle a little before you can get the dress on. A zip at the back secures the whole thing together.

The belt comes together with the dress, when paired together it exudes simple elegance.
I feel so atas (malay slang for: rich, exclusive feeling) in this dress. Actually alot of the clothing I have worn from Kimana gives me that atas feeling.
The one pictured here is a size S. To get your hands on this item click here.

Satin Black Tapered Pants

This is a very simple and versatile item. The material is super luxe and made of thick satin. I bought this pair of pants and I have been loving it. It is slightly voluminous at the hip area but tapers out at the bottom for a skinny fit.

It is the perfect alternative to those baggy Aladdin pants as the cutting from volume to skinny at the bottom makes it more wearable. Did I mention the material is super luxe? If I am repeating myself I apologize but it REALLY is super luxe :)

The one pictured here is a size S. To get your hands on this item click here.

Simple Pink Skirt with Elasticized waist

The name I gave for this skirt is pretty self explanatory. It is very simple and versatile you can wear it out to sweet dates or out shopping with the ladies it is up to you.

It also goes very well with the Advant Garde White shirt. When I wore this together I felt like I was back in some vintage era waiting for my true love to come take me out for a date. Awwww...

The skirt has an elasticized waist and has gathers at the hip area. The cutting reminds me of a tulip for some reason. Very pretty.

I love this look so much am considering on purchasing both the skirt and the white shirt just to wear it together like this. The one pictured here is a size M.

To get your hands on this item click here.

Lantern Sleeve Dress

This is a super cute dress. It is called the Lantern Sleeve Dress by Kimana. All the other items I gave them my own names for fun. But you will have no problem tracking them down to Kimana because I have provided all the links to the items :)You can pair this with leggings or wear it as a dress. It is all up to you. The details on the sleeves and on the hem of the dress gives it a layered textured feel. Makes me feel super kawaii in this dress.
The dress comes with an inner sleeveless top in pink made of quality cotton material.

The item pictured here comes in size S. To get your hands on this item click here.

Black Silk Dress with Obi-style belt

This satin black dress has two zips on the shoulders. You can adjust the zips to your desired position.You can wear it just as it is. The side pockets are a nice touch for people who like to put their hands in their pockets.

There is an obi-style belts provided it is woven with intricate details and secured with velvet robe plus it is super long and you can customize how you secure the belt around your waist. LOVES.The material is super silky and smooth makes the wearer feel kind of sexy but classy at the same time. This is a great example of a dress that has a sexy feel without exposing too much skin. Thus you can wear it out to corporate functions as well as out to paint the town red.I recommend wearing this with heels and attitude. The silhouette of the dress skims over the body perfectly and the matching belts gives it that slight Oriental touch.The item pictured here is in Free Size. To get your hands on this item click here.

Most of the styles Kimana provides are extremely wearable by all ladies in Singapore as materials are light weight and come in easy to match colors like white, black and pink.

In addition items are placed in categories to suit a variety of ladies needs. It does not matter if you are looking for something to wear to work or a date you can find your items of your choice fuss free.

Kimana's website is also simple and easy to use. You can create an account here and start shopping right away. There a three options you can use to collect the items you can use registered mail or normal mail and there is also a personal meet up option as well.

Now my readers, I share with you the best part! You can get your own piece of luxury from Kimana at an additional 2% discount! Simply add this code:


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For all sales enquiries kindly direct your emails to:

Happy Shopping! :)


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