Monday, October 04, 2010

FOTD #2 White Eyeliner

I have been experimenting with white eyeliner lately and contrasting it with black and colored contact lens. The outcome is brighter and more animated looking eyes!

Look #1 - Simple And Anyone Can Do
In the first photo I show you a basic look with just mascara and white eye liner below the eyes in shimmery tones. I am using Kate white eyeliner the type that you have to purchase the eyeliner stick and the eye liner holder separately. When purchased together it costs around $10.

Look #2 - Smoke Gets In My Eyes
In the next photo I have used black eyeliner which I smudged all along my eye lids to create a smoky eye effect I also added in dark eye shadow to set the smudged eyeliner.

I find that the white eyeliner contrasts nicely and really brings out the whites in my eyes!
I quite like this look thus I need to take another act cute shot haha!

Look #3 - Falsie Dolly Bright Eyes
*My Fave HAHA*
Okay now I added false lashes which I think opens up the eyes even more and makes me look like a doll LOL.Okay okay this is my favorite look so far. I am a big fan of dolly looks!
I was really being kind of lazy with this paying more attention to my make up than to my clothings. My outfit was simply denim shorts and a black camisole.

Look #4 - Kitty Meow Meow
Enough of my dolly look now I show you another look with a cat eye. I really love the white eyeliner with my cat eye!

Some how it counterbalances the dark line above my eyes nicely!

I highly recommend giving white eyeliner a go if you have not given it a shot before!

I have used three different types of eye liner:

1) Kate - My Color Pencil in white (You have to purchase eyeliner holder and eyeliner color separately. Shimmery Type) About $10

2) Bourjois - Noir & Blanc (Really cool eyeliner it is dual eyeliner a black and a white together! But the black color smudges like crazy so I usually just spread it around my eyes with a Q-tip for a smoky eyes. Matte Type) About $15

3) Gallery Cosmetics - Gallery Colors Kohl Eyeliner (Not bad, but color is not pure white a more dull white color it tends to smudge quite a bit. Matte Type) About $5.90

Of all these my favorites are no. 1 and no. 2. Not only can you use white eyeliner to line your lower eye area you can also use it to highlight your face!

I like to highlight with my matte white eyeliner as the shimmery one can get too glittery.

Have fun with your look!

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