Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOTD #3 Smokey Eyes + Koi Bubble Tea

On Thursday I went with some friends to drink bubble tea at Koi which is really famous in tropical places like Singapore as it is always summer here. Cold drinks are always a God send.

I tried their newest flavor which had Green tea, Passion fruit juice, Aloe vera and pearls! I forgot the exact name but just look for the flavor that looks like yellow (see photos)
The drink was super refreshing and I loved it lots!
Everybody wants some Koi! Even passerby also has to stop and look! That guy in the red slingbag ordered super alot of koi! See the large white bag infront of him on the counter!

Anyway I told my friend it was the first time I drink this famous Koi and she was so nice to like document my first times with this legendary bubble tea.

Let me first tell you about The history of Bubble Tea (if you don't know what bubble tea is it is cold tea with tapioca balls inside) in Singapore. It was very famous when it first started out everyone had to like supplement their normal diet of fizzy drink for bubble tea. At my secondary school the tradition was to go out after school and buy bubble tea. We had so many choices! There were like 3 to 4 shops at a stretch selling the bubble tea!

However good things do not last. The novelty wore off and many shops closed. One by one many bubble tea shops vanished off the face of Singapore.

Only the good ones remained.

Which brings me back to Koi! Here I am enjoying my drink! I shall also blog about my make up look because this is a beauty blog not a food blog but good things must be shared!

Okay from this shot you can see I did some contouring. I highlighted forehead and nose bridge and shaded my cheekbones to make them look higher :) If you don't know what is contouring check this out!

On my eyes I used Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Riveria Blue and Green. On my cheeks I am using Bourjois Sculpting Blush for the photos of my make up products check this out.

My nails are painted in Daiso nail polish for $2 and my Blue Ring is from Cotton On. The Silver one is from a push cart at Causeway Point. Here is better photo for you to see the accessories if you do not live in Singapore you can get similar stuffs at F21 or Diva.
The chiffon Black dress I am wearing in these picture is from BonitoChico I got it from the SC V backorder: Item #7 the backorder has since been closed but you can check with them if they are bringing any new items in if you are interested in purchasing it :)

That is about it! Go out and enjoy!


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