Saturday, October 30, 2010

List of Halloween Games

Happy Halloween!

I am going out to celebrate Halloween by watching two horror movies back to back tonight.

I hope I make it back alive. Haha.

I want to share with you some Halloween themed inspired games :)

Haunt The House
A really straight forward and fun game you just have to use key board keys to control the ghost and make all the guests in the house run away! But don't terrorize them too much or they would do stupid things like leap out the window.
Click Here to Play
Little Wheel
In a world of little robots you are the only survivor. Find out how to restore life back to the world.

Trader of Stories
This is a more subtle game and you have to exercise some brain power to find out what hidden story lies beneath a lake in this desolate town.
Scene of The Crime
Murder! You have to solve the mystery and find out why and what killed a victim. Search for clues and expand your boundaries as you get to visit different places to find out more. A point and click game.
Click Here to Play

Endless Zombie Rampage
Shoot some zombies for fun! A point to shoot game with keyboard keys WASD to move the character. If you wish to toggle the sounds and blood etc you may use the key P on the keyboard.

Reincarnation All Hallows Evil
A series of games involving a demon who must capture souls and bring them back to hell. But of course he has to first find something bad these people have done before bringing them down to hell.

Pumpkin Remover 2
A simple game where the goal is to clear away all the pumpkins! My favorite is the flammable pumpkins!

I hope you have as much fun playing these games I did creating this list for you!

Have a Happy Halloween!


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