Saturday, October 16, 2010

Outfit Photos #18 - Stripes & Flower Shorts / Camqueen of The Year

Sorry for the lack of updates I am going to put up a video on my review for Kate Color Pencil. If you have no idea what that is it is what I use to line my eyes in the previous post and in this post. So yup stay tune for that --> Updated: For Video Check here!

I wore the below make up look today and the following outfit.

I wore BB nudie glow from Elisha Coy and topped it with my "waves" bronzer from The Body Shop. The blusher on my cheeks is from Bourjois, face sculpting range. Click here to see how the blush and bronzer looks like.

My false lashes are the same ones I wore in my Beyonce inspired make up look :)

Okay now its for my outfit. I had lots of fun taking these photos and setting up a new background.

Outfit Details
Flowered Shorts (that looks like a skirt lol) - $12 from Northpoint
Top - Zara $15
Bag - Cotton On $10

Nails - Ruby Red Color from Daiso
Rings - Blue Ring (Cotton On $9.90), Silver Ring (Push cart at Causeway Point $15)
Black cuff - M Phosis $6.90
Pink Scrunchie (worn) - Daiso $2


Camqueen Of the Year

I was browsing through when I stumbled upon a competition that is hosted by you c1000 which is a drink company and their drink looks like this:

The grand prize for the competition is $5000 and the people's choice award winner will walk away with $1000. For a long long list of rules you can check here.

So anyway I will now tell you what you got to do to join.

Simply photograph a BEFORE you have make up on and AFTER you have make up on looks and post it up!

Get friends to vote and you could be on the way to winning some prizes!

You can view my uploaded profile here. Feel free to comment and if you want to see other people's photo uploads just click the arrow next to my after photo to view :)

Get clicking here to sign up:

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