Sunday, November 14, 2010

House Barracks & Horse Riding Club

On 10/11/10, Wednesday I went to Horse Riding Club which is located along a side road that was on the way to our main destination, House which is at Dempsey Road. I went to House for dinner with friends. We ate good food and had a good time just chilling out.

But before all these events I was waiting for my friend to come pick me up and the wait was considerable so I got bored and decided to take pictures chronicling my wait. Incidentally there was this breeze that I think adds "atmosphere" to the series of photos. Haha.
I had my arm up resting on the table alot partly because I got kind of tired waiting and partly because I wanted to show off my arm jewelry and rings HAHA. I wanted to try and capture my blue ring against my blue eyeshadow since I am all in black any hint of color tends to pop up.

The accessories may be familiar to you remember this post? My blue eyeshadow is the matte one from Revlon called Venetian Blue. Its really intense shade of blue. I LOVE it alot. You may have seen it in this post and this post and where my fixation on blue started.
We stopped over at this Horse Riding Club for some milk shakes. It was really thick and fabulous but sorry I don't have any photos of it I don't know why I guess I was too busy talking to my friends to take much photos the shot below was taken by my friend.

The complaints I had was that service was kind of mediocre and slow. We waited like ages before we were shown to our table and our orders was taken. The milkshake was good but the service is lousy. Since it is near a horse riding club there tends to be horse shit lying around and the smell is not exactly pleasant so yup, that is all I have got to say about it. Now I move on to House which is thankfully way more pleasant experience all together. I enjoyed myself truly. The rather quirky feel the restaurant exudes and the presentation and taste of the food itself was wonderful :) I particularly like their truffle fries which is fries dusted over with sea salt. It is crunchy and just delicious!Checking out the menu! It does not have super alot of choices but everything sounds so good so it takes considerable amount of time to really decide!

My friend helped me take the shot of my nails as she liked the color LOL I feel it gives me an ice queen kind of feeling as it is such a cold icy looking shade of blue/green I bought from Daiso on impulse.
Some self shots in the washroom's gigantic full length mirror! I just could not resist taking a shot there the mirror was huggggeeeee!!! I cannot even manage to capture the whole frame of the mirror in my camera! That thick brown wooden thing on the right hand side of the photo below is the frame of the mirror.

If you have this mirror I tell you, you and at least five friends can go and camwhore like sieow infront of the mirror simultaneously no need to take turns that is how hugggeeee the mirror is! I like! Too bad its too big to squeeze through my bedroom door.
Random photo inspired by the single lit light bulb hanging from the ceiling! It is like I SEE the light!

Outfit Details:
Black top - Pushcart at some HDB hub (forgot exact location sorry)
Satin Black Pants - Kimana
Gold Slippers - Pedal works

Accessories Details:
Black Cuff - M) Phosis
Rings - Blue Ring (Cotton On) , Silver Ring (Push cart at Causeway Point)
Necklace - Talisman, Far East Plaza
Black Rose Earrings - F21

Okay enough of photos from the washroom. Now how about photos of food! Hope you are not too hungry right now if not you see these pictures confirm will feel hungrier unless you do not like cake and chocolate and tenderloin for some reason.
Pork Tenderloin (name is longer than that but I cannot remember fully)


Friend ordered this I forgot what it was called! Meh.

Mango Crumble

I liked the pork tenderloin the best the nougat was good too but my mango crumble *sigh* it was not the best I have eaten quite disappointing the crumbs on top made my throat dry and I felt it was unnecessary to have it there, there was only one lychee inside the dessert however the one redeeming factor is that the mango at the bottom is nice.

I guess you could argue with me and say that I ordered like mango crumble so it is suppose to have crumbs on top? Whatever lah I should have ordered mango crumble with no crumbs on top. I am no food expert I am just telling you what I ate and what I deduced from eating it.

That's all folks! Till the next update.

Hope you had a great weekend! Take care and stay safe!


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