Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outfit #20 - Hawaiian Floral Dress & Blue Cardigan

I went to get some new shoes which were for work. Nice sensible, comfortable shoes which also can be worn for casual occasions. I expect quite alot from my shoes since it is not easy for me to get them in the right size plus there are financial constraints too as I am no rich heiress.
Listening to Jay Chou on the train excuse my emo expression as people who smile to themselves in train are mistaken as lunatics I had to keep my expression as neutral as possible while taking a sneaky shot.

Quite a blah trip to buy shoes since it was raining and it was cold and I was wearing a sundress more suited for sunny weather. I bought what I needed to buy and went back home. I shall show you pics of the shoes next time as I said before they are sensible shoes.

Okay now some FOTD shots. I am trying to do as many pictures using my humble handphone camera in this blog post as I seldom get to use it as often as I like in blog posts.

I took these shots on my sofa in between commercial breaks.
As you can see from the number of self shots there was like super alot of commercial breaks on TV. So plenty of time to camwhore.

Now moving on to taking outfit photographs. I heart this sundress alot because it reminds me of what Paris Hilton/Malibu barbie would wear. Every once in a while I tend to indulge myself with uber girly stuffs. I have balanced out the sweet sundress with a more serious looking black bag.Outfit Details:
Sundress - Far East Plaza
Blue Cardigan - Viola, AMK Hub
Black Bag - Pushcart, Causeway Point
Hair Clip -, Tekka Mall (Little India)

I think my digital camera still takes most clear shots! Super love my nails at the moment! Used 3D stickers over pink polish from The Face Shop. The 3D stickers are like 3 packets for $5 from a temporary booth selling nail stuffs at Sun Plaza. I think the booth was from Aries or Nail Palace? I am not sure. But anyway its nice and inexpensive so if it peels and drops off heart will not be so painful.

Okay the hp picture does not do my nails justice so I revert back to my digital camera. And here is a digital camera photo of my make up:
That's all folks! Have a good day!


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