Saturday, November 27, 2010

Outfit #21 - Bold Flowers & Black @ Marina Bay Sands Wedding


I went to Marina Bay Sands for a wedding and this is what I wore.
Outfit Details:
Flower Dress - This Fashion
Lacy Cardigan - KL, Sungei Wang
Bag - Northpoint
Shoes - Pedal Works

Accessories Details:
Earrings - F21
Necklace - Talisman
Cuff - M) Phosis

My make up I kept it simple to compliment the bold floral print of the dress. Dusted some brown eye shadow on my lids and pink blush used most of the colors from this Body Shop palette for my review on the palette click here and scroll dowwwn.

I was so so so hungry during the wait for the dinner at the wedding. Here is the empty plate. Nice silver mesh pattern on the plate.
While waiting I took photos of my manicure (self-done) and my cousin's manicure. My is the one with white flowers stuck to the nails. Super love the purple table cloth!

Here is a random corridor taken on the way to the wedding. Super spacious and I heart the floral pattern on the carpet. Okay I super into patterns at the moment.

And now food photos before it was all gobbled up!

Hee Enjoy your weekend!


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