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Australia Adelaide 2010

Australia Adelaide 12/12/10 - 19/12/10

This was the next stop on my holiday! Here is a pic of the sky.
The first day I was down from having 2 hours of sleep the night before on the plane. I was so exhausted just collapsed on the bed in the hotel room and slept by the time I woke up the shops were all closed.


So on the second day we went to visit a couple of friends in the next town.
It was pretty far away from city area so we had to stay over at a motel for the night.
Windy highway the wind was so strong here even if it looks kind of flat and peaceful.
I could not keep my eyes open miraculously my fake lashes stayed intact.

A classic old sweet shop we visited got some nice sweets there. Not bad all have that home made quality. It was on the way back to the city it is like a 2 hour drive from town to city and back.

It is such a quiet street and everything is so neat and clean.
Back at the hotel.

Went to Central Market for a walk and got a necklace. Yupz you can buy accessories at the market haha. Shall show you what I got later...
Cool apparently if the mayor is a woman you call her Mayoress. LOL I did not know that for some reason the word "mayonnaise" came into my head.
Cool has 250 shops spaced out. With so much land in Australia you don't build up up up you build out out out. So all the buildings are like pretty wide and short.

After that we went for tour to mount lofty and some German town I forgot the name of but its quite popular among tourists. I met a German dude there who was curious about how a German town in Australia looked like so he came LOL.

See new necklace! Nice anot? It costs like 12AUD and looks like a piece of iron wrought ribbon.

Check out the view! Beautiful! I could stay up here forever! Can I build my house and stay here?
Ohh pre-built tower! Cool I could totally stay up there and do the whole rapunzal thing you know? throw your hair off from the top for people to climb but it would be seriously painful on the scalp may even result in hair loss so nope not a good idea maybe I could just install a lift inside or stairs for exercise.

My gosh I have no idea why I look so stoned in this picture. I guess it was because the camera person took so so long to press the shutter that the expression was just lost. I find that most people are so interested in capturing the subject and the background they forget about expressions. So by the time they take the photo subject face from :) becomes -_- resulting in a flat looking expression. GAH.
Ohhh my tower comes with its on antique looking stairs on a gravel path. So story book like.
Now we are at the German town mentioned earlier and I just remembered the name while typing it is called Handorf. At Handorf they have giant eggs with wings.
Flowers that stick out all bushy like and they serve good cakes and coffee. Oh ya while you are there check out bicycles on roof tops and have some ice cream which is home made. Absolutely fabulous.

My outfit photo :) Pants from Maple, HK and top from online store cannot remember which one. It is Edie Sedgwick inspired top. Bag from HK, Ladies Street and jacket from Tracyeinny
We are back in the City! That was quick!
One last shot of my tower before we leave. It is so beautiful!

Hungry anyone now we can have takeaway. Love the cute boxes. When the China dudes (yes, Adelaide is full of China Chinese cooks) handed over to me I exclaimed: "So CUTEEEE!" his expression was totally -_-" probably thinking: "stupid Asian Chick never see red take away box before?"

But Singapore has no cute take away boxes. It is all plastic containers and wooden chopsticks stuffed into red plastic bags. Not even the cute kind just the sort you line your dustbin with.

Can you blame me for exclaiming: "SO CUTTTEEEE!" upon seeing these? I am deprived of cute take away boxes not since I got too old to buy Happy Meals from McDonald's. Now those were seriously cute take away boxes. Seriously. If I had a kid I would have excellent excuse to buy one of those, if I had a kid sister another excuse to buy one of those too bad I have neither. Maybe I could adopt?

Yea, right.

Snuggly snuggled up on bed watching television. Yes, I brought my Disneyland slippers with me. It has sentimental value from my first ever trip to Disneyland in my entire life.

You got a problem with my Disneyland slippers huh? Well too bad not my problem they are on MY FEET watching television with me and they not with you.*sticks out tongue*

Gosh, Disneyland products really should come with warning labels like: BEWARE May cause serious side effects in adults when worn such as adolescent behavior sticking out of tongue when provoked, insistence that one is always in the right and various other child like activity.

I bought some Disneyland stuff that can be worn but I am shy to tell you what it is and it definitely definitely makes me less adult-like than normal. I tell you these things are seriously dangerous.
FOTD doing some smokey eyes with Revlon Matte in Riveria Blue but it looks greyish in the daylight.

Okay now I go off to Glenelg which is a beach resort like place. Another monument of Historical significance which escapes me.
Perfect sandy beach which is actually quite dirty compared to HK Repulse Bay but it looks clean in my photos anyway. Only thing you need here is a bikini babe.

And no, you do not want to see me in a bikini. It would make you have sore eyes seriously. Not a good idea.
See told you so beach is quite dirty. With black stuff washed up on shore. But the breeze is nice and I like walking on the beach.Wonderful waves and nice sky!

Look can even catch fish here but I did not see any fisherman. Maybe they come out at a different timing.

An Northern Indian Lunch which was surprisingly filling even if the dishes look like a few.

Name of the restaurant we ate at it was good food. But bring a whole bunch of people so they can finish all the food. The portion may look small but it is super filling.

Took a train back after a long walk at Glenelg. Shopping there is rather expensive and I got one top at ironically Cotton On. Which also has plentiful branches in Singapore but the service at Glenelg was good as the cashier was super friendly and nice. The ones I encounter in Singapore just want you to pay than get out of the store. At least, that is how they make me feel anyway.

In Glenelg the sales person cum cashier was like: "Hello how are you? Would like to get this towel at $10 with any purchase?" I am like no. "Oh how about this bag?" I still said no but she maintained this sunshine smile and attitude the whole time. Behind her colleague was on the phone with someone obviously not work related but the mood was so full of vibrancy and liveliness. After the phone call which lasted like 2 minutes the colleague danced off in time to the music to hang some clothes back.

In Singapore walk into any Cotton On shop chances are people there would just be working for pay than go off to hit the clubs where they come alive while they work they are robots. That's how I feel about sales people in Singapore anyway. They don't enjoy what they do but the people I met in Glenelg it is different they do enjoy their work. That is the difference.

This is the museum. You have to pay for admission. Did I go in? No I did not it was closed by than.

Peaceful and sunlit.

It is so nice here you could just laze the day away on a park bench with a good book or good company.

Here we are at Randall Mall the equivalent of Orchard Rd in Adelaide. It is small but has many shops. You have to go there to get what I mean.
Some piglets visit the strip as well teasing passerbys. They even have names on plates next to the pigs. I liked Horatio best because that is the same name as CSI Miami big shot boss you know the blonde dude who wears sunglasses and has his hands on his hips all the time.
Give me a chopper and I will give you some bak kwa (roasted squares of pork most delicious thing in the world)
Oh hello I am on the window sill of my hotel room with the wonderful view of a carpark behind me. Check out my coat its from HK. Love it alot.
Fake emo shot of me leaving soon see I have my luggage all packed.
Back at the airport.

Till the next time I blog or video again! Take care!

Have a good post Christmas!


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