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Hong Kong Disneyland 2010

On 5/12/10 I went to HK Disneyland! Had such a blast! I love the castle! I want to OWN it! The fireworks were incredible with a wonderful message telling everyone to follow their dreams! It was so magical! I went to visit Victoria Peak, Mong KOKKKK!!! SHOPPING WHEEE!!! AND MORE MORE MORE!!! I took so many pictures and video that I maxed out my memory card. Oh well, I shall upload some of the highlights of the trip here.

So this is:

Day 1 & 2
Budget Terminal where we are gonna take off from. But first gotta check in luggage.
Me pointing up the clock coz it is so so so early to be up. After alot of just walking and a bit of shopping we got on the plane I wanted to take a photo of the plane but got stopped by security guard -_- he scared wait I upload picture on my blog terrorist may have new target? As if they need to see my blog to see what an airplane looks like. Gahhhh.My don't mess with me face as I have hardly had any sleep at all. Grrrr... This can hardly be an FOTD as I suppose should have like full make up I had no make up on except night cream and eye liner hence you can see my dark circles no?My uniqlo leggings super comfy and nice :)

oh oh oh now we have touch down. We arrive at air port HK. So fast? the wonders of blogging we can time travel.
Must erm... take train to the luggage place to get the luggage. It is efficient the train will arrive in 1 minute. Really? I did not bring stop watch to time so I don't know.Sorry folks I still have on the I-don't-have-enough-sleep-so-don't-mess-with-me-look. Oh well see who is smiling.

My brownie bears! One for me and one for my friend haha.Showing off my golden nails and rings :) The sunshine just nice fall on my hand so must take photo.
Oh now we reach hotel! Yay but could check in immediately had to like wander around gift shop like wanderers before can check in at like 3pm? I think. I cannot remember exact time it could be 12pm. Whatever fast forward we check in finally and than we go play.

I wanna go swim with mickey! But he is too high up on his surf board!

Witness the various hand positions you can do to showcase giant board:One hand palm up to an angle.One finger pointing.
Palm up like hi five position. Haha okay I think by now y'all get the point. We are at the Disneyland Resort.
Wow I can leave today and go back to yesterday? But than I would be back in Singapore instead of at HK? What does it mean?My first glimpse of Disneyland in my entire life...
Okay I see a square with warm sunlight shining down casting shadows here and there and mainly I see...I see...a tree. It is peaceful and quiet where has everyone gone to?

Minutes into entering the place suddenly there is like a parade going on and there is snow everywhere and music everywhere and children, adults everywhere and and and...It is super fantastic fun I had to stop and keep taking pictures. Hey Mister don't anyhow touch mermaid!

Largest freaking tree ever! Covered in so many decorations! Okay now we go for the rides!

First up we went for Dumbo ride! It was quite pleasant and ideal for taking photographs!

And abruptly I am at the castle. Love the castle it perfectly represents Disneyland! It is like no trip to Disney is complete if you don't take many many many photos with the castle. I just picked my best and put here lol.Here is one of the places we had lunch! Nice colorful umbrellas! But the food was all mainly Chinese cuisine and it tasted alright not fantastic. Oh well.

Now for the carousel which is so pretty! I took the carousel like 3 times and I love this picture I took of myself coz it looks like someone esle took it for me lol. This photo confirm someone esle took for me as my two hands are occupied :) FYI I wore tiger top to ride tiger airways to go Disneyland! Haha :) I know its random but just had to point it out.
That little girl must be dreaming of her prince charming! She is all ready to get married check out the veil.
Now there is this space mountain ride that is quite scary. But fun!Can you spot me in the photo LOL! I was like "let me get off this ride nowww!" but I went again haha it is the most thrilling ride in Disneyland!

The space mountain ride was at Tomorrowland which looks uber cool at night with all the neon lights and space inspired structures.
Photo infront of one of the many shops along the street. I don't know what that little girl is doing in this photo. I was real tired by than but uber satisfied as had taken so many rides.Took the car around the track! It was so fun! And the weather was pleasant no need to hide under tonnes of layers. This must be day 2 as you can see I changed my clothes LOL.
Round face woman with round bear. LOL this was at the Pooh Bear ride which takes you the story of Pooh finding his honey. Quite a pleasant sort of ride but not fantastic I liked the part when the ride became this "hop" "hop" "hop" kind of feel when we reach a chapter of the story with Tiger. If you don't know what I am talking about go for the ride.Inside theatre to watch 3D show it was so good somemore have air and water blasted at the audience! It was a pleasant experience!Most huge ass doll house ever! Can I like live in it?Oops I think door way to small for me to go in -_-" But if there is a real human size house like this I want to stay inside but of course with my family and friends not alone. It would be uber creepy to stay inside such a huge house on my own.
And now we have night view with all the lights!

At the end we cannot end our trip without fire works! Enjoy!
End of our wonderful trip to Disneyland!

Day 3 - 5
Now we go to stay at L Hotel and do more shopping as well as have city tour!
Me with city behind my head.
Typical street in Hong Kong in the morning.

They serve sugar in a bowl! First time I see lol.

Our breakfast of dim sum!Here we have woman smiling and in a red shawl. Actually HK not that the best place to rock a shawl at this time. Most people wear smart jackets and coats with fur rimmed hoods.

But I am a tourist on my first trip there. How would I know this anyway I ditched my shawl for a real nice black coat with a gold zipper later. You shall see it.
We went to Victoria Peak and it was foggy so could not see much :(
Than on to Repulse Bay which was lovely I liked the beach so much. The sand was heaven on my feet! It was clean and the wind was huge and there was almost nobody along the beach so nice!
There was an old lady who was controlling the boat. She was strong and steady a real independant woman. I heard from the guide soon all the boats would be gone as the place was going to be shut down for more "modern" developments.

Mong Kok shopping now! Here is what I wore! The coat is new from Maple, Tsim Sha Tsui. Could not take photos at TST as my battery died but we ended up at TST after our city tour.
My only photo at Argyle Centre which stocks all the latest Japanese trends. Now its Liz Lisa ponchos and all those winter fur stuff. I got so many things here! Love this place ALOT!!!

If you stay in Singapore this Argyle Centre is like Far East Plaza but trendier (to me as it follows Japanese fashion with references to Vivi magazines and I adore Japanese fashion) and its cheaper and can bargain some more! Shiok.
No trip to HK is complete without hitting Ladies Street! But beware of the sellers they are quite unscrupulous in their dealings. Guard your cash ladies don't give in to their prices so easily.
After a long hard day of shopping around we went back to the hotel. Our hotel room was like on the freaking 67th floor! Gosh! Check out the night view!
Emo shot with some bars that was near our bed head.Christmas decor at the L hotel.Night view at the Hotel! Gorgeous view!

Me with new "bunny" ears bought from shopping centre linked to Argyle. And finally me at air port!

Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy and may all your wishes come true!

Hugs and kisses!


update: click here for the HK videos!

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