Saturday, December 11, 2010

Outfit #23 - Rapunzal: A Tangled Tale


I went down to Jurong Point to do some shopping and meet my friend. Here is what I wore.

The christmas decorations were already out and it was really pretty with precious thoughts characters all around the tree.

Outfit Details:
Pink Dress - Bonito Chico
Grey Cardigan - Viola
Leggings - Uniqlo
Shoes - Pedal Works

Accessories Details:
Earrings - Pushcard at Grand Cathay
Bracelet - Miss Selfridge
Rings - Cotton On, F21

After that my friend and I headed down to Somerset for dinner and to watch movie Rapunzal: A Tangled Tale in 3D. It was a fantastic show! The dinner was so so. But nice presentation.

I shall end the post with christmas decorations along Orchard Road. Happy Holidays EVERYONE! Stay tune for a bumper edition of holiday photographs coming up from Hong Kong and Australia!



Anonymous said...

Hey Creative Custard, where will you be visiting in Australia? Happy holidays! >.<"

ccbeautyy said...

Thanks :) I visited Adelaide and happy holidays to you too!