Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flea Market Experience!

Yesterday had a blast selling at the flea market! It was an interesting experience and despite the wet weather luckily it did not discourage Singaporeans from shopping!

I was able to cover the rental cost and make some extra cash which I spent on a ASOS dress from the next door shop LOL.

I learnt quite a few things about flea markets during the experience. Racks are a MUST if you want to make any money from this selling clothes.
Waterproof bags to transport your stuff is also a good idea incase it rains and you have to move your things from one location to another. You don't want your goods to get wet.
This was taken earlier in the day and thus our front of the shop was super messy there was no place to put clothes nor bags as we had not gotten a rack at that point.

Luckily there was manpower and two of my friends went to get the rack.
Later part of the day the store front has improved so much more!
Check out my friend's glass jewelry! And my promotion board :) Haha.

I had another friend selling Korean imported clothings and it was all brand new thus in plastic bags. I learnt that shoppers usually like to feel and touch the fabric of the clothings so placing them up on racks where people can see them is a much better idea :)
Sorry for the rather blurry quality of pictures the lighting was really bad at the location although upside is that the traffic was there and there was plenty of variety for everyone and shelter too.

Downside was poor ventilation as it was in the bottom level of the building and next to the carpark hence it got really stuffy after some time.

On the whole I had fun making sales and clearing my items. I may be doing more flea markets in the future if time permits and if I can get a better location :)



jennifer said...

where was this flea market?

ccbeautyy said...

At *scape mall :) You can check here for more upcoming flea markets ;)