Monday, January 24, 2011

FOTD #5 Stiletto Mascara

Maybelline Stiletto Mascara

I have recently got the mascara from Watsons and was all geared up to do a review on it as well as an FOTD.

But this will be slightly different as I shall show you my no make up face with only one eye done up with the mascara than I shall show you my make up face.

Firstly I start off with the mascara and my favorite eyelash curler.
Okay so I have only one eye done up with the mascara and my curler. The other eye looks so sad next to it with no mascara :(

From a distance you can also see my eye lashes curling out :)

Okay cannot take it already must balance both eyes up ;)

So now I have applied both my gel eyeliner in brown on the top of my lids and at the bottom half I applied white eye liner. The rest of my eyes may appear blue because that is what happens when my brown mix with the white don't know how come this can happen also.
Incase you are wondering why my pictures may look different it is because my Samsung Camera died and I had to use big brother Canon DSLR. Apparently big brother camera makes all my flaws mega obvious thus more photoshop was required on my skin gah but the eye lashes are completely untouched.

If you want obviously more megafantastic lashes you have to got apply more. I only did like two coats of mascara thus my eyes may not be as dramatic as Xiaxue.

Oh well have a megafantastic week and give Maybelline Stiletto Mascara a try :D


FYI: I am not sponsored to do this blog post I did it because I really like the product and I wanted to share with my blog viewers :)

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