Saturday, January 08, 2011

Kanebo Freshel MoistLift BB Cream

Want a fresh start to 2011?

What better way than to update your foundation?

So anyway recently I received the opportunity to be one of 50 nuffnang bloggers to have a chance at trying a new product of BB Cream. All I had to do was just get the BB cream from nuffnang office and write about it in my blog. Well, hence the birth of this blog post :)

Here is random video I made to show off my new BB cream!

Haha okay now I shall tell you what exactly is this all about.

Kanebo has come out with a BRAND NEW BB cream range called:

There are two BB creams available one for whitening and one for moisturizing skin. Since I have such fair skin already I decided to go for moisture. It comes in this super gorgeous shiny chocolate tube in a box.
Apart from moisturizing the skin it has SPF 23 which protects your skin from the sun! Just looking at the BB cream in the box makes my fingers so itchy cannot wait to take it out of the box!
Okay now I have taken the chocolate colored tube out of the box. What magic will it do on my skin?
Up close the tube looks like liquid gold dipped in caramel. So pretty!
And here is what the back of the box says about what is inside the tube.
It has Adhesive Collagen to enrich moisturizing of skin, Hyaluronic Acid another moisturizing ingredient POW! Moisture x2! Beats splashing water on your face to get it moisturized! (something I am sure lazy girls are guilty of *cough cough*) Silk Essence also moisturizing ingredient! Oh my! And I thought two ingredients were like enough. Wow! when Kanebo created this BB cream they must have really really wanted girls to get super moisturized skin I like!

The last product they stated on the box in the circle was Yeast Extract Which will soften keratin (definition: something inside your skin which should be softened).

So in a nutshell the stuff inside the tube is going to make your skin super dewy and glowy and soft! Basically lifting up your complexion!

Thus the reason it is called:

Now that I have read so much good things about it I shall see how this magic cream looks like.
It looks rather ordinary. Normal and I squeeze some on my hand.
It looks really liquid-like. Must be all that moisturizing properties inside. Reminds me of chocolate milk :)
I get some on my finger ready to apply to my face.
I got some on my chin area. It glides so easily and smoothly. In addition it has pretty much brightened up the area where I applied it.
Blend. (haha not very attractive but I usually make this face when blending haha)

All done! Just with one finger I can have easy application!

My new favorite BB cream!
Makes you have glowy skin just like the glowy tube of Freshel MoistLift.
It is mine! This tube of goodness all MINE!!! HAHA!
And since good things must be shared I shall share this with you! Good product for girls who want moisturized skin with minimal fuss. It is easy to blend and apply. Give this a try! For more information on Kanebo Freshel MoistLift click here

If you want to have a chance to win a Kanebo Freshel BB cream for yourself click here and vote!
For more information on the Kanebo Freshel Blogging Contest check this out!

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey C.C, would you be able to tell me where you bought the cream and how much it was? I'm in Sydney, Australia, and the only place I found it was ebay for $24-ish. Thanks!

ccbeautyy said...

Hey babe I got the bb cream free to do the review. It is worth SGD$33 and available at local department stores and drug stores. Not sure where you can get it in Australia as I am from Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for replying! Is the cream doing much for you? And one quick question... I know you have great skin but would you happen to know what foundation/creams would be suitable for oily/acne skin? Thanks! >.<"

ccbeautyy said...

Hey babe,

You could try checking out: and
for reviews from people who may have oily/acne skin. They may be able to help you more than me as my skin type is combination. If you find that you need more help with your skin talk to your dermatologist she could give you more specialized advice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks C.C, great websites! >.<"