Sunday, February 06, 2011

Chinese New Year Outfits 2011

As I promised I have done up a post featuring outfit and make up done over the Chinese New Year.

Here is the video I did featuring some of the looks :)

All wearable looks suitable for any dressy occasion where you want a more fun look :)

First day of New Year 2011
I used translucent powder all over my face and did my eyes using brown gel eyeliner with cat eyes.

Added a slight hint of blush and illuminating powder on cheekbones and nose bridge for more highlighting effect.

Overall effect is fresh and compliments the bright floral pattern on my dress.
A very simple and easy to do make up look :)

In the afternoon...
I am still wearing the same make up look however I came back to change out off my floral dress into something still festive but more casual.

A chiffon peach top paired with grey pants and a beaded necklace for a more funky feel.

Day 2

I forgot to take more photos of this outfit so this is the only one I have that I managed to get off facebook.

It was taken at my cousin's place while I was about to mix our traditional yusheng together for a prosperous year ahead hence my chopsticks held in anticipation :)
The dress is certainly very dreamy looking haha I bought it from fashiondolly the belt is sold from a different store at Far East Plaza.

Day 3

This is a more evening party kind of look.

I did a different version of the smokey eye doing nude shimmer shadow on the inner part of the eyes.

I like to think of it as a more toned down version of intense smokey eyes but when you look at it from an angle it retains that dark tone.

But from the front the eye make up is not too intense looking. I LOVE the prints on this dress! So funky and colorful!
ASOS dress bought from the next door store at the flea market :)

Day 4

I added red lipstick to my make up look and wore a black satin dress with zips that I got from Kimana :)

This make up look is quite similar to the one I did on Day 1 but with a touch of darker lip color the look can be more intense :)

Check out my "rabbit" ears.
Hope you all had a great New Year!


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