Sunday, February 27, 2011


I went to Watsons today and got some stuffs.

My favorite concealer from ZA, masks and the Spring Blossoms Edition of Pure Mineral Two-Way Cake Foundation. I have used the Maybelline Mineral Powder before but I think they stop making it already as I found it no where in sight on the shelf at Watsons and the Stiletto mascara also completely sold OUT!

Now on to what I really want to talk about its this Spring Blossoms Edition of Pure Mineral Two-Way Cake Foundation.

Apart from the limited edition kawaii packaging which makes me want to take multiple photos with it.
I found that the application of this 2 way cake was really easy and not heavy at all. Made me feel like my skin could still breath beneath the make up.

It is excellent for touch ups with a gorgeous cute re-usable compact and sponge for on the go :)

LOVE IT! Would definitely recommend others to give it try :) My shade is OC1 and did I mention that it has SPF 30 so you always get maximum coverage from the sun :) Retails at $19.90 for limited period of time. Hop by Watsons and give it a try.



Isabel said...

I purchased the Spring edition mineral cake foundation too! :D I would just like to confirm if the bottom right of your casing (where you put your foundation sponge) has little holes on it?
I'm a little worried if it is a defect :X

ccbeautyy said...

Hello Isabel,

No worries my compact has those little holes too it is not a defect simply I think Maybelline put it there so the sponge can "breathe" LOL.

Isabel said...


Oh okay! Thanks for replying ^^ Glad to know it wasn't a defect((: