Tuesday, February 15, 2011

REWIND: Smokey Brown Eyes & Hot Red Lips

I have long had a fixation on red lips thus when I am provided the opportunity to put my own spin on this look I jump at it.

This is another look which I want to rewind and improve on. Now with a brand new twist and a better filming set up I present you Hollywood Glamorous version for 2011.

You can totally strut a red carpet with this make up look.

I kept the eyes looking muted and soft.
The lips are the main event in this make up look but the eyes are meant to frame it not compete with the lips.
The flash can wash out color when you take photos with it but with careful blending and application, colors can still be retained in flash photography.

The skin is kept matte and with a hint of blush.
The overall look is classic but with a modern edge. Do you dare to give it a try? If you do let me know :)


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Anonymous said...

It looks good on you. I like it!