Monday, February 14, 2011

REWIND: Sunrise & Sunset Eyes

Every year apart from spring cleaning and celebrating the New Year it is also important to look back at the past year and improve.

My desire to improve on my videos I must credit to all my viewers and subscribers who have supported me with comments and encouragement throughout these years. I want to continue providing better quality videos for your viewing pleasure.

Thus I decided to do a REWIND series in which I take out some of my old videos and inject some new life into them.

The first batch that I am going to REWIND is my sunset and sunrise make up look. I liked the idea of using imagery of sunrise and sunsets to create a make up look however my video editing skills had improved and so had my make up skills thus I thought a brand new version for 2011 would be appropriate :)

This time I put both sunrise and sunset make up looks into one video for your viewing pleasure. It will show you how to convert a natural warm sunrise inspired make up look into a romantic evening make up look. It will also hopefully give you an idea on how to use orange and red eye shadow colors.

Sunrise Inspired Eyes

The sun is just coming out from the clouds peeking through sending faint shimmers of orange rays shooting through the sky.

As the sun gains strength the light it emits grows stronger warming all the creatures beneath it.

As the warm glow shines through the clouds everyone basks in its glory full in the knowledge as long as the sun shines no one shall feel the cold.

Sunset Inspired Eyes

A faint wind blows, a cloud shifts.
Purple tints the sky as the sun sinks, receding.
Giving way to the moon.

Have a happy valentine's and a happy CNY!


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