Sunday, March 13, 2011

It is all about the Eyelashes!

I was packing my box of make ups today when I stumbled upon my old eye lash curlers and I realized apparently I had graduated from small to bigger eye lash curlers as the years went by.

I also discovered apart from eye lash curlers having spring and having no spring they also differ in size and how wide the eye lash curler can open up?!

I had no idea.

SO today I am going to like do a comparison and explore the differences there can be between eyelash curlers apart from color (obviously) and spring/no spring (obviously).

Incase you have not been paying attention to my videos I am in favor of eyelash curlers with spring. But if you have never curled your lashes in your entire life with an eye lash curler and you are scared to rip your lashes out you may want to start of with one without a spring simply because it is easier to start with.

This are my three eyelash curlers I forget which month I bought my first one (far left) I just know I have had one since 2007? I walked into Watsons one day and just decided I had to buy one to curl my lashes it is just one of those things that happens, the second one I bought from Daiso because I felt the Watsons one was not working magic on my lashes plus there was dried up mascara stuck to it ewww... (I have cleaned it up nicely for photos here) which year did I buy it in? I think 2009?

Okay so now there is this comparison as you can tell the Daiso one is like larger and provides me with a better grip. The Watsons one is tiny tiny tiny but ironically it opens up wider than the Daiso one. Does how wide the eyelash curler opens up affects how much your lashes curl? Truthfully I have no idea I think it is all in the clamp when you actually close the eye lash curler how wide the lash curler opens up seems to make no difference to how solid your curls are going appear. It is all in the Physics.

Personally I prefer eye lash curlers that do not open too wide so when you close the eye lash curler you don't have to move your fingers so much to close up the distance. Guess I am lazy haha.

Now for my favorite eye lash curler partly because it is gold and partly because it is good at what it does :)

It remains open all the time unlike the other two eye lash curlers this is due to the spring. It also means I have very little finger movement to do in order to clamp down the eye lash curler on my lashes since it is already auto open ready to be used :)

I remember when I first saw this curler in Yokoso Shiyuki Beauty Mart in KL, Malaysia my heart was palpitating. It was gold and it had SPRINGGG!!!

It reminded me of the Shu Uemura Gold Eyelash Curler! Plus I was beginning to wonder if eyelash curlers with SPRINGGG actually would make any difference to my eyelash curling experience. Apparently it makes a big difference *smacks palm to head* should have realized it sooner but better now than never.

The packaging has 18K gold written on it?! Don't think it is for real but makes me feel good about purchasing it anyway. It is like you can flash it to your friends and say: "Hey 18K Gold eyelash curler."

Friends sceptically ask: "Ohhh really?"
You can flash packaging: "see says so here" *points*
Friends expression: O_0

Okay maybe not. But you get the picture like having it say so on the packaging makes it seem more official the power of marketing, advertising yadda yadda.

Close up the lash curler looks solid.

Distance fingers have to move to close the lash curler is slight almost effortless but you have to use certain amount of pressure to ensure the curler stays closed when you clamp it on your lashes as the SPRINGGG will be working like mad to auto open itself.

I like how pretty it looks when the light hits it kind of honey colored :)

Of all things to call this have to be called a make up thing...

Why not? Caramel Gold 18K Eyelash Curler with Spring?

Sounds nicer right? Better than thing -_-

What I love most most is also the price haha :D

Packing my make up box I also discovered something else my eye lash glues were also evolving. I used to use all those small tubes that come with the fake eyelashes than I moved onto using Rhomlon Glue.

Than Rhomlon glue irritated my eyes so I bought some springheart eyelash glue which expired so I just threw it out while clearing my stuffs today.

Currently I am using this eyelist product which is clear and really easy to use plus lasts the whole day!

I bought it from KL as well from the same shop as the Golden Eyelash curler.
Love it so much! And check out the price!

Than I got adventurous I watched Michellephan and wanted to try out a dark-tone eyelash glue. Very tricky to use as it splattered and stained clothing :(

It lasts like forever and super tough. Needs alot of make up remover to remove. I prefer clear eyelash glues more but I will find more use for this one soon.

On a separate note I recently purchased new tinted sun screen from Garnier.

So far I enjoy using the product and it feels light weight on my skin does not do any coverage whatsover for blemishes really light tinted sunscreen.

That's all for today!
Have a good week ahead!


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