Saturday, March 26, 2011

Out #25 - Black Knit Dress with bunny ears

Black Knit dresses have been something I am really into lately inspired by Rumi I got this one at a real steal. I was kind of apprehensive about giving black knits a go since Singapore is such a humid country but when the opportunity presented itself I just went with it and purchased it.

This was my outfit on 14 March. Black bunny ears picked up from Daiso.

I don't know what color my hair is sometimes it appears red other times brown?
Love the texture of this and the sleeves too kind of what I would imagine witches would wear. I don't know draped sleeves and draped anything is another look I am really into these days.
I did the usual cat eyes and smudged it out at the bottom part of the lids. Everything else on the face is kept minimal.
Haha check out the sleeves they are so large I could totally hide stuff in them if I please.


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