Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit #24 - Bridesmaid Dress

As stated in a curly hair post I finally got everything ready for the wedding. So on March 6th I went for my cousin's wedding as a brides maid and since there was no standard dress for all of us to wear I got this Future State, purple gorgeous dreamy chiffon maxi dress!

After all purple is my cousin's favorite color.

Absolutely comfortable with a satin lining and swirls of cool colors melting into water colored flowers at the bottom of the dress.

In order to match the dress I did purple eyeshadow and used false lashes so my eyes would look more defined when photographs were taken especially with flash.

I used coastal scents palette for this make up look. Starting with muted purple shades that melt into more intense royal purple.
I paired the look with a white bolero, strappy heels and floral tote bag. The whole effect is kind of country evening look haha.

My hair was done up in curls which thankfully retained their shape thanks to shitloads of styling products I used on my hair muahahahah. My hair is notoriously hard to style since it is so healthy and thick anything I attempt to stick in it (except hair dye) just simply disappears or drops off.
Yes I have nude flowers stuck in my hair and circular gemstone earrings all from forever21 my favorite shop to shop for accessories.
But my favorite part of this whole look is obviously the dress! LOVE IT!


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