Saturday, March 12, 2011

REWIND: Blondie - Call Me, Inspired Make Up Look

One of my most watched videos on Youtube had to be the Blondie - Call Me, inspired make up tutorial. Now I am rewinding it and giving it a more edgy twist with strong black cat eyes and silver shimmery eye shadow.

Here is a screen shot from the video that inspired me :)

The blue and the pink smoke totally infused the look that I did.

My version of the make up is more muted in contrast. In the video Blondie has very strong lips which I toned down with pink and the eyes I boosted with more vibrant blue color just like the clothing she wore in the video.

If you have not watched my latest Blondie inspired make up tutorial here you go:

And more photos...
The lips are a nice nude shade with pink in it and a glossy shine.
The cheeks and brows are kept soft and neutral to match the strong eyes. What I love about this look is that it is wearable from day time to night time. All you need to transform this look for night is to use a stronger lip color like fuchsia.

But in keeping with my inspiration of the Blondie - Call Me video I am sticking to bubble gum pink lips. I prefer pink lips with this look it counter balances the strong eyes nicely and keeps the look edgy but candy colored :)
Have fun with the look and have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Hey Creative Custard, would you mind telling me how tall your are? I've been curious because you look really tall in your blog photos. Thanks! >.<"

ccbeautyy said...

I am about 6 feet tall :) inherited the "tall" genes on my father's side of the family.