Sunday, April 03, 2011

FOTD #7 Black Kohl Rimmed Eyes

Avril Lavigne has done it. Taylor Momsen has done it. Penelope Cruz has done it.

Heck even Captain Jack Sparrow has done it.

Done what?

Rimmed eyes with a sooty black color.

It can be a subtle thin line to whisper some attention to your eyes or make it messy and smudgy the way I did it hollering out to people LOOK AT MY EYES. Hey why not? Especially applicable to girls who spent money on circle lens it would be a waste if no one actually saw them except yourself right?

At least with some intense black eyeliner people cannot help but look at your eyes.

Really easy effect to do I did not even use any eye shadow simply used a black kohl eye liner a soft one that is easy to smudge with a cotton bud.

Some eyeliners I really like are the Bourjois Blanc et Noire Eyeliner and The Body Shop Eye Definer Eyeliner.

I used both eyeliners for this make up look first I used The Body Shop one which is not as dark and creamy as the Bourjois eye liner to trace out my eye shape.

Than over this black line I intensify it further with the Bourjois eye liner running the pencil around my eyes.

Finally I blend out the edges with my cotton bud and highlight brow bone with the white eye pencil to bring some light into the eyes.

To open eyes further simply curl and apply mascara to eyelashes. I have also defined my eye brows with a brow pencil as for the rest of the face it is kept clear so all the focus is on the eyes. You can sweeten the whole thing up a little with some blush and pink lip gloss or totally go over to the dark side with a vampish red lipstick.

It is all up to you. Make the look your own ;)


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